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Why Your Blog Should be Your Top Social Media Tool


We often talk about the need to develop a content marketing mindset. This requires companies to think like publishers. And that sounds an awful lot like social media in a definition that I saved and have embraced from Wikipedia several

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What TV’s Mad Men and Kodak Teach Us about Content Marketing

Plenty Has Changed from 1960 to 2010 but What Is Most Important Has Stayed the Same. If you’re not already a fan of the TV classic in the making, Mad Men, it’s all about the Madison Avenue ad agency world

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If You or Your Boss Thinks Social Media is a Fad, Watch This Video

How I Discovered This Video Offers Another Proof of the Power of Social Media

SW Florida media maven and real estate professional, Chris Griffith, clued me into this cool and compelling video does a terrific job of dispelling doubts about the power and impact of social media. So, it’s only natural to share it on my blog, which, of course, is a prime social media component.

As I was about to post the video, I realized that the Facebook alert from Chris was a metaphor for the fast growing impact of social media to connect people, businesses, and concepts. Here’s what I mean:

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Why Your Small Business Needs to Measure Its Return on Social Media Investments

Be very specific about what tangible benefits you intend to derive from your efforts.
It seems as though every kind of organization from multinational to small business to nonprofit are beginning to believe that social media should be an important component of their marketing programs. In our own Southwest Florida community, this is clear from the organic growth of the social media coffee sessions organized by a savvy local marketer, Cyndee Woolley.

The perceived importance of social media marketing has grown with astonishing speed even compared to the relatively rapid growth of the business Web. If you think back just 10 years, relatively few small organizations took the Web very seriously. If they had a website, it was probably pretty basic brochure Ware that did very little more than an actual brochure would have done.

By contrast, within just a few years, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter now represent the concept of social media marketing for small organizations–even if they’re not very sure whether and how to use either one of them.

What I found encouraging from this morning’s session is that a variety of owners, marketing folks, and nonprofit executives are determined to figure out exactly how to put social media to work. In particular, they are very much engaged in how to determine the ROI on their investment of time and money.

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Want to Connect Your Content, Your Projects, and Your Life to the World?

Then it’s high time you–and I, for that matter–learn about Twitter: What it is, how it works, and why you should probably be using it. In that spirit, I have invited Chris Griffith, our local blogging and real estate pro,

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