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A Financial Pro Charts the Way to a Great Online Business Presence

Dean Piccirillo Makes a One-Person Blog-powered Website Look like a Major Corporate Presence Online Building a solid business blog-powered website is challenging for all of us. But it’s even more difficult for anyone who lives in the financial services universe.

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How to Give Away a Ton of Information to Sell a Ton of Products

Content Marketing Pioneer, Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software Tells You How to Build Your Business Before He Charges You a Nickel

In 1994, I read the first edition of Tim Berry’s wonderful book, Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning without realizing that it was a perfect example of content marketing.

Of course, back then, nobody was calling what he did content marketing. Essentially, Tim’s book gave away all of the information you needed to build your own successful business plan. This might seem odd since his real business then and now is selling software that automates the process of building business plans and marketing plans.

Why would we want to buy his software after we’ve read his book? I believe there are two reasons:

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The Secret to Search Engine Optimization: It’s About the Content, Stupid!

That’s the word from veteran SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin
SEO is not about creating a website sausage overstuffed with key words and phrases. It’s all about creating relevant and compelling content that transforms you into a thought leader who can become a trusted provider. You can, then, readily convert visitors into buyers

Of course, this is gospel for me and many content marketers. But, it is poorly understood by many marketers and SEO practitioners who still think cramming a ton of words and phrases deemed to be search engine friendly in every nook and cranny of your website will place you high on the results page.

So, I was both encouraged and inspired by Heather Lloyd-Martin’s recent post who has been helping clients get great search results for more than a decade. Since she does search engine optimization for a living, it’s wonderful to hear her say that it’s ultimately all about the content.

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