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Inbound Marketing: How to Make It More Effective via Inc.

Written by Geoffrey James. With inbound marketing, the customer comes to you, but you still have to move the opportunity forward. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of “inbound marketing”–the concept that you should attract prospective

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Why You Need Outbound Marketing to Strengthen Your Inbound Marketing

Great Advice from Singapore Blogger and Coach Celestine Chua on Kick Starting Your Business
We all tend to go overboard with any important trend. We get so excited about what’s brand-new that we forget about the tried and true. So it is with inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. Celestine reminds us that outbound marketing done right, particularly in the form of smart public relations can make a measurable and almost immediate positive difference.

The concept behind inbound marketing is that you engage in a lot of information creation activities that will pull in folks who are interested in what you have to say. Business blogs and participation in social media such as Twitter and Facebook enable you to offer content that prospects volunteer to consume.

Obviously, I believe in that. Witness the existence of Content Marketing Today and the blog post you’re currently reading. But, as Celestine emphasizes, that’s only the first part of the equation that should also include smart outbound marketing.

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