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“Headless Body in Topless Bar”: 5 Content Marketing Lessons from All-Time Best Headline

headless body found in topless bar

This New York Post headline is almost 30 years old. But,  It would be just as effective today as it was in 1983.  In fact, it’s a classic from which we can learn 5 important lessons. When you apply these

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Shocking Headline Secrets from the NY Post

    How to Get  Readers to Spend Serious Time with Your Core Content Be brief. Be complete. Be Enticing. Headlines have always been important in print publications. They are even more important online. They grab readers’ attention and lure

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Headlines Vital for Success of NYT, WSJ, NY Post—and Your Site

Your Target Customers Won’t Read Your Content without Compelling Headlines Too many websites lack effective headlines. In fact, many have no headlines at all.  This void violates the first commandment of content marketing: “Think Like a Publisher.”  That commandment covers

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