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Ho, Ho, Horrible: Worst Holiday eMail Campaign Ever?

I don’t have to say too much, because this terrible email campaign is eloquently awful and speaks for itself. After reading the entire email, it’s easy to see where they go terribly wrong: I don’t know the sender and won’t

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Are We as Stupid as Some Email Marketers Think We Are?

Or Maybe I’m on a special list of empty-headed business people. But I’m hit by way too many email marketing campaigns that must assume that I’m exceptionally gullible. Perhaps I’m the only person that hates this stuff, but I’m going

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How a Small Retailer Does Powerful E-Mail Marketing That Delivers Dollar Results

Miss Lucy’s House of Holidays understands how to segment its customers and deliver targeting messages as part of a consistent content marketing campaign.

Like many small retailers, Miss Lucy’s has a very limited marketing budget. Unlike many small retailers, they have a very clear understanding of their ideal target customer and know how to do carefully segmented e-mail marketing.

This shop focuses on high-end product lines and unique gifts which are centered around a holiday theme. Throughout the year and for a wide variety of holidays they continually redecorate and refocus the design of their store.
Since their founding in October 2007, they have experimented with a variety of marketing and advertising, including print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, direct mail–and most recently an effectively e-mail marketing. Today, they do almost no traditional marketing They have instead focused their efforts on e-mail marketing.

Here’s why that works so well for them:

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