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Easily Personalize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns with Personalized URLs for Each Recipient

Blase Ciabaton, The DirectMail Man, Teaches a New Way to Do Some Real One-to-One Content Marketing In order to generate measurable marketing response, you may well continue to rely on direct mail.  Although it may be less effective than in

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The Godfather Guide to Direct Marketing: Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

You Must Persuade Me to Act or Your Beautiful Promotional Piece Will Sleep with the Fishes
I was perversely inspired to write this because of a recent gorgeous direct mailing I received from local French restaurant.

They did a lot of things right. There was some beautiful photography that captured the essence of this charming little bistro. They described how the restaurant and its cuisine were uniquely appealing. They shared some impressive awards and recognitions for their excellence. They included their Web address. And, they even provided a little map that showed me exactly how to find it.

There was only one thing missing. But it was the most important thing: They failed to make me an offer that would entice me to dine at the restaurant. In fact, there was no offer at all.

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