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Newt Barrett head shot 400pxNewt Barrett is the founder of Content Marketing Strategies and its parent corporation, Voyager Media, Inc.

Here’s what’s important to know about him and how he can provide sales, marketing, and business insights for your readers, viewers or visitors:

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Our Book: Get Content. Get Customers

Newt Barrett’s Bio

Newt Barrett is a leading thinker on the new discipline of content marketing. He urges marketers to think like publishers by delivering essential, relevant, and timely information that makes customers smarter and wiser–and much more likely to become buyers.

Newt is the President and Chief Content Officer of Content Marketing Strategies, a Division of Voyager Media, Inc.  He teaches companies the tools, techniques, and tactics that can turn prospects into customers through the cost-effective use of content marketing.

Newt has more than 25 years of publishing experience as both a manager and business owner.

He has launched profitable publications in the high tech arena for both CMP and Ziff-Davis. He was an early player on the web in 1996 as Publishing Director of an early Yahoo competitor, NetGuideLive.

As an entrepreneur, he launched Southwest Florida Business and in the late nineties, later selling them to Gulfshore Media. His publication still thrives under its new name, Gulfshore Business.

In addition to his sales and marketing skills, Newt is the co-author of the content marketing bible, Get Content. Get Get Customers, published globally by McGraw-Hill.

His top-ranked blog,, offers key insights into content marketing and social media that keeps business owners and executives current with insightful articles on current trends, tactics, and case studies.

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Interview Newt

Newt is a knowledgeable, articulate, and amusing source for interviews on topics ranging from content marketing to online trends to persuasive presentations.

To arrange an interview with Newt Barrett:

Contact him by email or

Phone: (239) 494-5146

Interview Questions for Newt Barrett, President of Content Marketing Strategies

1. On your website, you talk about the need to for marketers to think like publishers. What does that mean and why is it important?

2. You have co-authored a successful book on content marketing, who are your target readers and why should they read your book

3. You are at the leading edge of the baby boom generation, isn’t it unusual for you to be immersed in the online world?

4. What are the three biggest mistakes marketers make when trying to implement a content marketing strategy?

5. How do blogs contribute to a content marketing strategy

6. Is there still a role for print magazines and newspapers now that everyone is moving to the web?

7. You once worked in Africa. What motivated you to go there and what were you doing?

8. Can you give me 3 examples of organizations that are doing a great job of content marketing?

9. What advice would you give on promoting a website or a blog?

10. Do online audio and video elements really add significant marketing value?

11. What is the next major trend that marketers need to anticipate?

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Story Ideas

Newt can provide commentary, background, story ideas, and entire articles about content marketing, Web 2.0, blogging, website creation, magazine creation and publishing, persuasive presentations, biggest presentation mistakes, biggest missed website opportunities, why job interviewing is like a sales call, managing strengths rather than weaknesses.

Topics Include:

  • Designing content marketing programs
  • Transforming brochure sites into content rich sites
  • Launching your own print publication
  • Capturing an information niche
  • Making a deadly presentation dynamic
  • Putting PowerPoint to work persuading your audience
  • How to become a thought leader
  • How to understand your what your customers really want
  • How to build an engaging, interactive website on a shoestring
  • Really bad websites and why they stink
  • Websites that could have been great–and how to transform them
  • Why managing to improve weaknesses is the worst possible strategy
  • Can this presentation be saved? Going from awful to awesome
  • Your job interview is a sales call–how to make the sale

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The Successful Book: Get Content. Get Customers.

Marketers face intense pressure to deliver measurable results in a world of ever changing rules and accelerating technology. There hasn’t been a simple, practical, and enjoyable guide to what works and what doesn’t in this tough new marketing world. Until now.

Get Content. Get Customers., co-authored by Newt Barrett and fellow content strategist, Joe Pulizzi, addresses the need of SMBs to understand the newest marketing realities and how to deliver results by following the guidelines they provide and the success stories told by colleagues in organizations just like theirs.

Newt and Joe simplify this complicated topic and lead their readers toward content marketing strategies that pay off on the bottom-line.

McGraw-Hill acquired the publishing rights to the book which Newt and Joes had successfully self-published—selling more than 5000 copies.  The new McGraw-Hill global edition launched in July 2009 and has also sold more than 5000 copies worldwide.

To learn more about Get Content. Get Customers. click here to visit the book’s website.   Click here to download a free excerpt from the book. Click here to download a copy of the eBook that served as the launching pad for the print edition.

If you would like a complimentary review copy of the book, you may contact Newt via email or phone.

To arrange an interview with Newt Barrett:

Contact Newt Barrett, President, Content Marketing Strategies

Phone: (239) 494-5146

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