Miller Electric Makes Welding Cool with Great ContentConnect with Your Customers Online with Content Marketing

If you do it right, Marketing Doesn’t Get Any More Effective

Today’s internet enables companies to connect with their customers through the use of content marketing. Compelling online content begins an ongoing dialogue with your best buyers from the very first moment they land on your website

In the first generation of the business internet, all but the very largest and most sophisticated companies put up websites that were glorified brochures.They described the company, talked about their products and product features, and told visitors how to contact with them.It was all about the company—and not about the customer.

Today we are well into the second generation of business websites where even small companies can offer their current and future customers a rich experience with lots of content that is relevant to their particular interests.In this second generation, content marketing drives the website.

That is, by first understanding exactly who your customers are and what they need to know, marketers can provide them with content that leaves them smarter and more knowledgeable.Content marketing enables organizations of every size to attract and retain more customers.

Making Welding Cool–Now That’s Content Marketing!

A wonderful example is Miller Electric in Appleton, Wisconsin. In business since 1929, Miller is a relatively small welding equipment manufacturer.They make welding cool.

Their website, provides customers and prospects with a rich, relevant, and fun experience by providing mini-sites devoted to welding applications and interests such as racing, manufacturing, and construction. They have made themselves the go to site for welding information.In so doing, they became a company with whom you would love to do business.They also provide lots of ways to reach out to their prospects regularly through eNewsletters and RSS Feeds.

Best of all, once Miller has drawn you in with content, they make it very easy to take the next step and to buy their products.

The bottom-line:

The internet provides unique ways to connect with your customers. But, your content must be vital to their information needs while simultaneously serving your underlying marketing objectives.

Compelling online content begins an ongoing dialogue with your best buyers from the very first moment they land on your website.If you deliver great stuff, you’ll get permission to capture critical data (name, company, & email address) and then to connect with your target buyers regularly. Regular interaction with your best clients will enable you to provide the product and service solutions that they really need.By caring first about your buyers’ information needs, you can then count on a growing stream of devoted customers.

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