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As Print Publishers Vanish or Cut Back Drastically
You Can Fill the Gap & Grab Customers

The 21st century has battered print publishers with the perfect storm. This is  true both in the B2B and B2C realms.

Print content marketing thrives at organizations as big as Ford Motor with My Ford Magazine and as small as the Naples Chamber of Commerce with Business Currents

Here’s what’s going on:

  1. We all know that building a brand is important. Today it places a distant second to tangible results. Marketers–and their bean-counting bosses–press for measurable ROI. ROI typically boils down to response rates.
  2. Trade magazines now deliver fewer and fewer provable leads. Why? Until the early 1990s, B2B publishers had almost 100% of their readers’ attention. Trade publications were one of the most important source fo product information for decades. Buyers showed up in droves and advertisers followed with bags full of dollars. Then along came the internet. Buying patterns changed forever.
  3. Consumer and broad-based business publications with large circulations have found the cost of printing and distribution to be prohibitive.
  4. Now most buyers do their intitial spade work online. It’s easy. It’s fast. It doesn’t involve having to talk to a sales rep who tries to sell you whatever he’s got. Now your buyer may know more than you do about possible solutions to his problem before you ever get a phone call.
  5. Traditional print publishers are rethinking their strategies. Some are giving up print in whole or in part. The venerable Thomas Register is now ThomasNet and 100% online. Newsweek will soon become online only. PC Magazine and eWeek no longer have print editions.

So where’s the Content Marketing Print Opportunity?

You have almost all the resources once reserved for publishing companies. What you don’t have, you can outsource easily. You include essential information. You exclude competitors.

You can create a publication that becomes must reading for your buyers. Best of all, your pesky competitors are excluded from its pages. You can design your publication to drive buyers to online resources that enable you to measure your ROI. And you may even be able to sell advertising to defray the costs.

You probably maintain a sophisticated database with thousands, if not 10s of thousands of buyers. Your organization possesses a wealth of knoweledge internally–and can easily access much more externally. You can leverage custom publishing experts to help you define a ‘knowledge niche’ that is critical to your best buyers. Create a print publication–magazine, newspaper or newsletter– that targets your buyers and delivers regular information that helps them succeed at their jobs.

How can we help?

We’ve created and grown successful publications for some of the best publishing companies on the planet: IDG, Ziff-Davis, CMP Media, Gulfshore Media, and Penton Media. We also created a dominant regional business publication in Southwest Florida–so we know how to pinch pennies.
We will teach you how to succeed by applying two decades of hard won lessons in delivering must-read information to buyers.

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