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Can Content Marketing and WordPress Power Libertarian Bob Barr to White House?

You may not be a fan of Bob Barr or of the Libertarian political persuasion. Nonetheless, there is a lot to like about his WordPress driven website, There is also a lot to learn about his effective use of an online content marketing strategy to spread the word and to raise money.

Barr’s illustrates how flexible WordPress can be as a tool for building out a full-fledged website. It also illustrates how an effective online content marketing strategy might be able to take a candidate from relative obscurity and little funding to someone who might be taken seriously on the national stage.

Barr, a former Republican congressman from Georgia, recently announced that he is running for president of the United States as a libertarian. In pre-Internet days, such a candidacy would have gained no traction whatsoever. Raising campaign funds would have been a prohibitively expensive proposition. Moreover, telling his story to a nationwide audience would have been virtually impossible.

Today the economics are completely different.

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Two Essential Elements for a Professional Services Website

A typical professional services website will explain what services the professional provides, offer a brief bio of the principal or principals, provide basic contact information, and perhaps show a list of clients. That information is necessary but sadly insufficient. By adding two simple but powerful content marketing elements, any professional can stand out from his or her peers. Check out a live PR website prototype to see what’s not just possible–but easy.

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7 Simple Steps to Improve a Small Construction Company Website

HK construction, LLC. Is a Fort Myers Florida based construction company with a website that is not terrible. But it could be much better with a modest level of investment in time, thinking, and design. This is a very basic site with just six main pages. Making dramatic content improvements would be simple, fast, and inexpensive. If they were my client, this is what I would tell them to do.

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48 Reason to Use WordPress to Power Your Online Strategy

When it comes to the power of WordPress, you don’t have to take my word for it. The blog provided four dozen ways in which websites and blogs can use this powerful and flexible tool to create unique content solutions. You’ll find some free or very inexpensive ways to build or enhance your online presence. Here a some of the best of the 48:

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