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Why Your Personal Brand is All About Solving Customer Problems

And Why It’s Not about Your Wonderful Qualities as a Human Being I don’t mean to suggest that your customers don’t care about your fundamental decency, professionalism, and your devotion to your local community. However, each of those qualities is

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Whitepaper Wow Factor: Sharing the Big Ideas of Your Small Business

When you make it obvious to your customers how you can help them, you will grow your revenues.
Some of the smartest people I know run very small companies in the business-to-business market. They are dedicated to helping their customers succeed. In one-on-one discussions with customers and prospects, they make it clear how they can help. That’s terrific. And it generates sales. But it’s just a start.

I am convinced that white papers–and there first cousins, e-books– can extend that in-person knowledge sharing and trust building to the entire world. A great example is a compelling white paper from The Result Source, called, Cold-Calling 2.0: The Next Generation of Prospecting.

The Result Source, is a small company based in Toronto, Canada that works closely with businesses who need to generate leads which will translate directly into revenue. Its owner, Marguerite McLeod-Fleming, is a veteran of IBM and other large sophisticated organizations. She is able to apply her understanding of the importance of process to lead generation for small organizations.

What Cold-Calling 2.0 does so well is to explode the myth that cold calling doesn’t work anymore while demonstrating a repeatable process that will generate sales cost effectively.

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Whitepapers: Hype Is the Enemy of Successful Content Marketing

A guest post from White paper expert Gordon Graham
If you are selling a technical or otherwise complex product, white papers can be one of your single most successful content marketing tools. But that’s only if you strip out the hype. So pay careful attention to what Gordon has to say below.

Why you must seek out and destroy hype
by Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy
While every company is unique, a lot of white papers share the same problems. How can I put this delicately? Many white papers suffer from an over-abundance of wishful thinking, unattributed factoids, vacuous logic, and good old-fashioned hype.
And there’s no place where hype is less welcome than in your next white paper.

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