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10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’.


  Get content. Get customers.,has now sold more than 10,000 copies in its hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions. Even though Joe Pulizzi and I wrote and updated it in the early stages of the content marketing revolution, our book’s vital

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How Content Marketing Convinced Amy Adams to Join The Muppets Movie

A Compelling  and Affordable Video Did the Trick Normally in Hollywood, when you’re trying to get someone to join the cast of a picture, it involves actors and their agents, directors, studios, sending scripts back and forth, and lots of

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Sunnyside Up Mobile Marketing Works for First Watch Cafe

Sure They’re on the Web, But They’re Also Out and About on the Streets of Naples, Florida Imagine my surprise when I pulled up behind this small van on a Naples street. I started to get hungry just looking at

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Shocking! Great Facebook Marketing from Naples, Florida Electrician

Solopreneur Firm Understands How to Engage, Educate, and Entertain There are dozens of electrical firms in Southwest Florida. Many of them have lots of employees. But, one of those firms stands out on Facebook: Martin McMurtrie’s Grace Electric with 601

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How a Tiny Grocer Outflanks Kroger on Facebook

George Bowers Grocery Makes a  Fun 1 to 1 Connection That’s Impossible for the Big Chain to Match The right niche and the right approach enable a two-person company to outshine a retailing giant on Facebook. That’s true of George

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Content Marketing Perfection in 29 Words on Facebook

B Squared Marketing Shares Its Wisdom While Making It Short and Sweet I might be getting carried away. But, I loved this very brief bit of marketing advice when it showed up on my iPhone this afternoon.  I think it

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Tell a Memorable and Relevant Story to Make Your Content Marketing Positively Viral

Geico’s Drill Sergeant Therapist Gets It Just Right. Mayflower Marionette Gets It All Wrong. Even though they spend plenty of money on television advertising, Geico doesn’t need to spend much money at all for this incredibly effective commercial which is

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Scottrade TV Ads: Funny, Effective, and Devastating to Competition

Marketing Campaign Trashes Worst Suspected  Big Brokerage Firm Traits One of the great things about funny advertising campaigns is that they tend to be particularly memorable. Even better, we’re more likely to talk about them with our friends.  And in

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6 Ways to Survive the Content Marketing Jungle with an Amazonian Approach

Even in good economic times, you may face tough competition. During our brutal lingering economic slowdown, it really is a jungle out there. When it comes to making your way safely through that jungle, who better to turn to than

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Don’t Miss This Killer Combination: Wine, Women, and a Canadian Government Website

It’s not an oxymoron. Cool government content marketing is thriving up North.   Surprise! The Liquor Control Board of Ontario manages to tread the fine line of selling cases of liquor while extolling moderation. Their website,, couldn’t be any

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