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Why Integrating Your Blog with Your Homepage Is Vital to Your Content Marketing Strategy and to Google SEO

It’s All about the Maximizing the Frequency of Critical Keywords on Your Homepage I have believed that integrating the two content marketing components was important since the very beginning of my own online efforts.  Of course, your content marketing strategy

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If Google Can’t See Your Content, Your Prospects Won’t Find You

Lessons from an Eye Doctor Website That’s Not Visible Enough for Search Engines Of course, your website must provide relevant and compelling content for your prospective customers. Ideally, that content should combine both text and images to grab your visitors

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How Content Marketing by SW Florida Insurance Agency Clobbers a Billion Dollar Competitor

Gulfshore Insurance Shows They Care How the Hottest Issue in a Generation Impacts Their Clients.  Big Bank/Insurance Giant Ignores It. I think we can all agree that the health insurance reform legislation of 2010 will touch each and every one

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Brief Comment on Comments, Content Marketing, and SEO

[Updated Version] If any self-described search engine expert tells you that comments like the following actual example will get you SEO-friendly links back to your blog or website, I suggest you neither pay for nor follow their advice:

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Take 5 Minutes to Understand How Google Search Works

Another Excellent Infographic Offers Content Marketers a First Baby Step to Findability Courtesy of If you’re in business today, you have to be on the Internet.  But, being there is barely a beginning. Once you are on the Internet,

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Content Marketing Secret from an SEO Guru: Teach Your Prospects How to Do What You Do

When They Learn How Hard It is to Do It Well,  They Will Turn to You as the Trusted Solution Provider of Choice If you provide professional or other  services, you and your organization must be expert at what you

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Learn How to Do an SEO-Optimized Online News Release from the New IPad Todo App Example

Even small companies can make a news splash by emulating these best practices on PR Web The iPad is the new computing superstar with 2 million units sold in 2 months. As a result, plenty of small companies are benefiting

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The Secret to Search Engine Optimization: It’s About the Content, Stupid!

That’s the word from veteran SEO expert Heather Lloyd-Martin
SEO is not about creating a website sausage overstuffed with key words and phrases. It’s all about creating relevant and compelling content that transforms you into a thought leader who can become a trusted provider. You can, then, readily convert visitors into buyers

Of course, this is gospel for me and many content marketers. But, it is poorly understood by many marketers and SEO practitioners who still think cramming a ton of words and phrases deemed to be search engine friendly in every nook and cranny of your website will place you high on the results page.

So, I was both encouraged and inspired by Heather Lloyd-Martin’s recent post who has been helping clients get great search results for more than a decade. Since she does search engine optimization for a living, it’s wonderful to hear her say that it’s ultimately all about the content.

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How to Be Discovered on the Web: Content 1st; Key Words 2nd!

Patsi Krakoff simplifies search engine marketing for business.
The Internet now looks a lot like Carl Sagan’s famous description of the universe. But, instead of the billions and billions of stars, it contains billions and billions of websites. How on earth will you ever be found on the web amidst all that competition?

According to blogging expert, Patsi Krakoff, on her blog, Writing on the Web, the key is content marketing:

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Without that Content Marketing Thing, You Lose that Search Engine Swing!

In a great post from the vital nature of content comes through once again. The author, Brent Csutoras, emphasizes that, for both social media and search engine optimization, the easy ways of bringing your site to the top have largely evaporated.

As we have written frequently and at length, the only long-term marketing strategies that will survive revolve around content. That’s true whether your marketing efforts are in person, in print, or online.

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