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Why You Need Outbound Marketing to Strengthen Your Inbound Marketing

Great Advice from Singapore Blogger and Coach Celestine Chua on Kick Starting Your Business
We all tend to go overboard with any important trend. We get so excited about what’s brand-new that we forget about the tried and true. So it is with inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. Celestine reminds us that outbound marketing done right, particularly in the form of smart public relations can make a measurable and almost immediate positive difference.

The concept behind inbound marketing is that you engage in a lot of information creation activities that will pull in folks who are interested in what you have to say. Business blogs and participation in social media such as Twitter and Facebook enable you to offer content that prospects volunteer to consume.

Obviously, I believe in that. Witness the existence of Content Marketing Today and the blog post you’re currently reading. But, as Celestine emphasizes, that’s only the first part of the equation that should also include smart outbound marketing.

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The Public Relations Secret Behind the $1 Million House Coupon Phenomenon

How a small PR firm built an abbondonza of buzz for a Florida client with a house to sell.
Big ideas can trump big bucks. This is especially true in the new Internet-powered world of public relations.

Savvy marketers with a minimum budgets can get pervasive press coverage that would have been impossible five or 10 years ago Just ask Tina Haisman, Southwest Florida PR professional, who was able to generate an astonishing amount of TV, radio, and print coverage far beyond Florida borders.

Tina’s challenge was to help a Southwest Florida homeowner that needed to sell his multimillion dollar mansion in a very tough real estate market. The homeowner knew that he needed to reach well beyond his local market for likely buyers of his luxurious home. So, he cooked up the idea of a $1 million coupon that would be offered to anyone who bought his house. Motivated by the client’s reiterated push for’ buzz’, Tina decided to make a big bet on a social media press release approach via PR Web. This enabled Tina and her client to reach and influence a global audience with minimum effort and maximum impact.

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Great New Social Media Marketing Tool: PitchEngine

Jump Start Your Online Public Relations for Free
They call it public relations for a reason. Although PR methodology has focused primarily on getting the traditional media to write about your company or your client’s company, the goal has always been to influence ‘the public’, that is those members of the population that you want to impact positively.

Thanks to the infinite reach of the Internet, you have the capability to extend that influence dramatically. But, you need to change your approach and your toolkit as part of a 21st century PR strategy.

If your primary public relations strategy still amounts to sending press releases to a finite number of media contacts, you fail to take advantage of the Internet. You are not reaching the new influencers, to use Paul Gillen’s term.

You need to do do more than reach those influencers. You need to take advantage of the emerging power of social media by creating a new kind of release to reach a much broader audience. We have written previously about Shift Communications’ template that offers a useful template on which to create your news content: Social Media Release Template Makes It Easier to Get Social.

Now, another powerful tool has emerged: PitchEngine, which lets you create and share social media releases for free.

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Starbucks Listens. They Really Do Listen.

What You Can Learn from Their Response to My Critical Commentary on Their New Instant Coffee Launch
Last week, I wrote a fairly skeptical post about the launch of Starbucks new instant coffee, Via Ready Brew. I suggested that it might suffer from a sad fate similar to that of ‘New’ Coke in 1984, in spite of the massive amount of research that both companies have conducted prior to the new product introductions.

In fact, I used the instant coffee launch to illustrate the power of the blogosphere for a mini case study with a class of PR strategy students from Florida Gulf Coast University. As a guest lecturer, I spoke to the class about content marketing and the growing importance of social media components such as business blogging. My Starbucks article and the company’s good-natured and gracious response perfectly illustrated the importance of monitoring and responding positively to the blogosphere.

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How $2000, Creativity, Consistent Marketing, and Lots of Hard Work Made Glamajama Successful

6 Lessons to Learn from a Young Mom Who Has Built a Successful Clothing Brand While Learning Business the Hard Way
Heather Nolte is a self-described 5′ 1″ Texas firecracker who launched her fun and fashionable clothing company with tons of energy, but not a shred of entrepreneurial experience.

She targets moms and their very young kids who are desperate for clothing options that are not the same old same old “mommy and me” choices. Her tagline tells the story: “From the crib to the catwalk.”

Although Heather was able to get her company up and running on just $2000, she has always had big dreams. Those dreams and her business naivety led her to make some expensive and damaging marketing mistakes very early on.

Instead of conceding defeat, she immediately set out to learn absolutely everything about building a successful business with a combination of creativity and frugality. What she learned about marketing has made all the difference.

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Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Terrific new book from Paul Gillin takes the mystery out of using online conversations and communities to connect with your customers.
Nothing is more rewarding than to read a book that is at once valuable, timely, and engaging. Secrets of Social Media Marketing is all that and more. Paul has a genius for making the complex simple enough to understand without oversimplifying.

Is there a need for this book? You bet!

“There has been more change in the media world in the last five years than in the previous 500.”–Peter Koran, President, Media & Advertising, IAC

Understanding social media marketing is so difficult because it seems to be so different. For decades, most of the rules of communicating with customers stayed the same.
Now, and in the future, much of those old methods go right out the virtual window. Happily, Paul’s book teaches you how to put social media marketing to work by telling you what to do and exactly how to do it.

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Why Content Marketing Is Becoming the New Public Relations

My co-author,Joe Pulizzi, delivers a persuasive presentation to Cincinnati PRSA.
Public relations practitioners, like most of their marketing colleagues, are struggling with the new realities posed by the decline of traditional media and the rise of unfamiliar new approaches. The effective use of content marketing will almost certainly replace much of public and media relations.

Joe’s presentation to the Cincinnati PRSA did a terrific job of explaining why these fundamental changes are happening–and how to leverage content marketing to best serve client marketing needs.

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Your Social Media News Release Still Needs a Strong Headline

You won’t be able to engage and interact with your visitors if they don’t click through.
I’ve been paying a lot of attention recently to the potential power of social media news releases as an effective content marketing weapon. These releases appeal both to traditional news organizations and to the broader blogosphere.

Marketwire’s Social Media 2.0 Plus is a fascinating tool to enable small to medium-size companies to compete for attention with the big guys. But it will work only if compelling, customer centric headlines lead visitors to access the news release. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a significant percentage of the headlines really did the job.

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5 Essential Reasons to Add a Media Room to Your Website

As they rush to make their deadlines, be sure reporters can find great content on your website.
Just because your customers are consuming less traditional print news and feature content does not mean that don’t still crave information that helps them find solutions to their problems. Thus, a great news story or feature article that includes information about your company, its people, and its products can drive a ton of new business your way. After all, that’s what public relations is all about.

Although you may not have a budget for a public relations staffer or a PR agency, you can still increase the likelihood that you will get solid press coverage by creating a virtual home for reporters. Make it easy for them to do their job by creating a reporter-friendly online media room. Think of this strategy as content marketing designed to provide relevant and compelling content–not to your customers–but to reporters.

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10 Top Public Relations Pratfalls of 2008

Check Out These Gigantic Goofs So You Can Avoid Them in 2009 We all love top 10 lists, whether they are of the wonderful or of the woeful variety. We can learn from both.  In that educational spirit and with

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