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How Barack Obama Became Content Marketer-In-Chief of the USA

Bo Helping President with his Content Marketing

Still skeptical of the merits of content marketing? Well, Barack Obama and his team have put content marketing at the center of their media strategy. They have effectively dis-intermediated the media. Just as all great content marketers, they are thinking

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5 Lessons to Learn from the World’s Worst Press Release


The headline and the article below are so bad that you might think it’s a spoof published by the satirical website, The Onion.   But, no such luck! Happily, we can learn from it. I have changed details to protect the

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How Even Your Small Company Can Newsjack the Olympics


The 2012 Olympic Games offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to put your company in the news spotlight. Newsjacking is a term invented by David Meerman Scott. It means finding a way to insert your organization into a big news story. When you

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How One Comic Genius NewsJacked the Entire 2012 Oscars

sasha baron cohen newsjacking the Oscars

Sasha Baron Cohen Grabs the Spotlight with Only a Beard, a Uniform, 2 Pretty ‘Security Guards’, and the ‘Ashes’ of Kim Il Jung. Every year the American Academy Awards attracts tens of millions of viewers, no matter how boring the

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Have an online pressroom you can be proud of—update it!

Excellent Advice from PR Guru, Joan Stewart Written by Joan Stewart If your online pressroom looks anything like mine did about two hours ago, it’s time to drag out the dust mask, the Shop-Vac® and maybe even a garbage dumpster.

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Maximize The Content Marketing Impact of Your Newsletter

8 Ways to Extend Your Print or eNewsletter’s Reach Far Beyond Its Core Subscribers When you publish a monthly print or electronic newsletter that targets an important audience segment,  you probably invest heavily in generating the content that will make

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Shocking Content Marketing Lessons from Strange Bedfellows: Kate Winslet, Governor Rick Perry, and Larry Flynt

It’s all about Newsjacking:  The Science of Latching onto a Hot News Story in Near Real-Time, and Making It All about You. David Meerman Scott is once again the thought leader in helping us get more news coverage than we

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You Lose When Your Press Releases Make Everyone Snooze

Learn What Not to Do from One Very Boring News Release Press releases still pack a punch for marketers. With content rich releases, smart marketers engage not only the press, but thousands of customers as well. But, ineffective press releases

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Learn How to Do an SEO-Optimized Online News Release from the New IPad Todo App Example

Even small companies can make a news splash by emulating these best practices on PR Web The iPad is the new computing superstar with 2 million units sold in 2 months. As a result, plenty of small companies are benefiting

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4 Common Sense Social Media Tips for PR and Marketing Pros

Yes, you can apply the best of traditional public relations practices to the new world of social media Guest post from Kathleen Taylor, APR, President of the Southwest Florida chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association offers 4 top takeaways

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