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Why Storytelling is Vital to Effective Business Presentations

A New Edition of the Timeless Book, Presenting to Win, Explores the Content Marketing Component of In-Person Persuasion.
Whatever audience you must persuade, you need to engage them with compelling content in the form of stories. That’s easy to say, but hard to do.

As Jerry Weissman, author of Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story, puts it, “The problem is that no one knows how to tell a story and no one knows that they don’t know how to tell a story.” Fortunately, you’ll come away from reading this book armed with the necessary tools to tell those all-important stories brilliantly.

Presenting to Win, in its new expanded edition, teaches you to communicate with a purpose–whether you are convincing employees of the need to change, persuading prospects that you have the best solution to a problem or leading skeptical community groups to support your cause.

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How To Create the All-Important Elevator Speech For Your Presentations and for Your Content Marketing

It is so hard, but so important to explain what it is that you do and how it will benefit the person to whom you are communicating. Not at length. But so concisely that it can be communicated in less time than it takes in elevator to go up a few floors. And, so compellingly that your listener will remember and repeat it to others.

Actually, Nick Morgan is even more precise than this. He says your elevator speech must be a single sentence.

I have just begun to read his wonderful book, Give Your Speech, Change the World. It is absolutely must reading, even if the only speeches you give are internal presentations within your organization.

Nick is the founder of Public Words, a communications coaching company. So he gives speeches–and teaches people how to give speeches–for a living. It’s obvious from reading his book that he is a very, very good at it. Listen to what he has to say about that all-important elevator speech.

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