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Don’t Keep Your Web Visitors Waiting and Guessing: A Video Company Website That Communicates Poorly

It’s Not Visual. It’s Doesn’t Get Quickly to the Point. It Doesn’t Show How It Can Help.
When much of the web was experimental and Web surfing was still recreational, it might have been okay to have a website that was creative for its own sake–even when it was unclear about its purpose. Not so today.

We face three key realities that must shape our thinking about a good versus bad website

Websites are our most important marketing tool. They will increasingly replace most traditional marketing. Therefore, you have to get it right.
Your prospective online buyers are pressed for time and won’t waste it trying to figure how they will benefit from what you do.
You have just one chance to influence your prospective buyer. If they are not impressed, they will mosey on down the Internet.

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Why Does this BMW Dealer eNewsletter Talk So Little About Cars?

How To Put the Brakes on Their Five Major Marketing Mistakes
[Please note that I have made a few changes to the initial post based on constructive feedback, particularly to clarify that this is a dealer enewsletter,not a BMW corporate effort ]

If you were to imagine an eNewsletter from your local BMW dealer, you would probably expect it to lead off with a picture something like the one to the right.

As a BMW owner, you tend to be a certain kind of person. The folks at BMW have understood your persona well over decades in the United States. That’s why I’m mystified at the June 2009 eNewsletter from Germain BMW of Naples.

I love my BMW. I think Germain BMW is a terrific dealership. But, I hate their eNewsletter. Why? Because it has almost nothing to do with the BMW brand promise: BMW—The Ultimate Driving Machine.

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10 Top Public Relations Pratfalls of 2008

Check Out These Gigantic Goofs So You Can Avoid Them in 2009 We all love top 10 lists, whether they are of the wonderful or of the woeful variety. We can learn from both.  In that educational spirit and with

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Bad B2B Ad Endangers This Polar Bear

Avoid the 5 Perilous Print Advertising Mistakes It Commits
“Print Advertising is dead,” says a very smart small business owner friend. Although print advertising may be more endangered than all those ice-loving polar bears some folks worry about, you can still create effective print ads that prompt customers to take action.

Unfortunately, this advertisement isn’t one of them. In five important respects, the ad fails both in communicating a brand message and in inspiring action.

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Content Marketing Goof Up: Why Isn’t the iTunes eNewsletter Showing Me the Love?

Rare Apple Misstep Sends Weekly News about Music You May Hate
If you are one of the millions of iTunes fans, you appreciate the brilliant work they do in aggregating music creatively.
The iTunes folks excel at enabling you to choose,to organize, and to discover all sorts of music that you love.
That’s why I’m astonished at how far off the mark they are with their weekly new music eNewsletter.

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8 Vital Lessons to Learn from This Expensive Marketing Misstep!

Big bucks squandered to insert content free DVD in magazine
You can be sure that an advertising sales rep did a great job convincing the Harding Poorman Group to insert a DVD in the October 2008 issue of Book Business.

While conceding that they do show off their packaging technology, they blew the opportunity to demonstrate to their prospects the kind of rich content that DVD could and should contain. In other words, it all boils down to a missed content marketing opportunity. Prospects are likely to say, “I loved your packaging, but you don’t show me why I should invest big bucks to put a DVD in a magazine.”

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5 Secrets to Transforming a Seriously Outdated Law Firm Site Into a Powerful Content Marketing Rainmaker

First-generation website in desperate need of an essential but easy overhaul.
Based on copyright information displayed on their website, this law firm was probably an online pioneer back in the mid-1990s. Moreover, it’s obvious that they understood the need to put meaningful content on the site that would be relevant to prospective clients. It even has a short and cool website address,

The bad news is that the site is as dated as a flower power Volkswagen minibus. The good news is that it would be very easy to fix so that it reinforces the strengths and skills of the law firm in question.

Here’s my advice on what they need to do:

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How Not to Prove You’re an Expert in Your Field: Put up a Website Almost Bereft of Content

Ironically, Aaron Shepard’s website led me to the content-challenged online home of an intellectual property lawyer who specializes in publishing issues. It’s ironic because Aaron is a genuine king of content. Based on Aaron’s ability to deliver so much great content, I expected to find something similar on the website of this law firm he recommended.

The experience was underwhelming.
Read on to learn more about this terrible missed content marketing opportunity.

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Finally, a Great Way to Evaluate Your Website–and Your Competitors’! from HubSpot might make you humble, but it will also make you a lot smarter about how you present yourself on the web.
Since I’m in the content marketing business, I spent a lot of time looking at websites to assess what kind of job they do in presenting content that is relevant and valuable for their likely target customers. Of course, the success of a website depends both on the quality of content and on the quality of its visitor friendly design. Moreover, it’s important that visitors can find it in the first place.
Read on to learn how can help you take your site from good–or not so good–to great.

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Is Microsoft’s Small Business Content Marketing Running Out Of Gas?

New website stalls out completely and provokes unfortunate puns!
Microsoft just launched what might technically be called a website but is more properly a lame product promotion page with a gimmick that is far from unique. It’s really a webpage with links to five different Microsoft products. Although these links are disguised as business tips, their disguises would not have fooled little red riding hood. Don’t try this with your content marketing campaigns.

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