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When Your Products Rock, Don’t Diminish Them with a Mediocre eNewsletter

Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking Deliver Awesome Results for Users. Their eNewsletter. Not So Much. In perhaps the ultimate  irony, I am using Dragon Dictate from Nuance to write this blog post which criticizes their eNewsletters.  I use Dragon

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire Broke a Vital Content Marketing Rule: Understand Your Customers’ Needs Before Attempting to Provide a Solution


Tens of Thousands of Disappointed Users Expected Much More from Jeff Bezos and His Crew As many content marketing thought leaders have pointed out, Amazon is a superb content marketer. When it comes to books, for example, the content they

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You Lose When Your Press Releases Make Everyone Snooze

Learn What Not to Do from One Very Boring News Release Press releases still pack a punch for marketers. With content rich releases, smart marketers engage not only the press, but thousands of customers as well. But, ineffective press releases

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Keep It Simple to Win: Apple Beats Microsoft on Presentations Alone

Your Content Marketing Must Make It Easy for Your Customers to Understand How You Benefit Them You may not love Apple or Steve Jobs or their groundbreaking series of  iPhones first launched in 2007 Conversely, you may love much of

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How Content Marketing by SW Florida Insurance Agency Clobbers a Billion Dollar Competitor

Gulfshore Insurance Shows They Care How the Hottest Issue in a Generation Impacts Their Clients.  Big Bank/Insurance Giant Ignores It. I think we can all agree that the health insurance reform legislation of 2010 will touch each and every one

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Don’t Bury Your Best Work in the Back Rooms of Your Website

If Your Visitors Have To Search for It, They Won’t. I continue to be surprised by the number of marketing and advertising companies who have websites that hide examples of the great work that they do behind a bunch of

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4 Email Promo Practices to Avoid: A Marketing Campaign That Shows Us Exactly What Not to Do

A Sadly Wasted Effort for a Mystery Event That Might Even Have Been Worth Attending I just received an email promotion that was so wrong-headed that it makes a perfect negative case study.  As always we can learn from what

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You Can’t Fake Authenticity as This ‘Live Attendant’ Proves to a Talking Dog

Your honest interactions with customers are critical to your content marketing success. So, please don’t make the mistake that this get rich quick marketing vendor program made with their fake ‘live attendant.’  This lame attempt at artificial online intelligence was

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The Godfather Guide to Direct Marketing: Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

You Must Persuade Me to Act or Your Beautiful Promotional Piece Will Sleep with the Fishes
I was perversely inspired to write this because of a recent gorgeous direct mailing I received from local French restaurant.

They did a lot of things right. There was some beautiful photography that captured the essence of this charming little bistro. They described how the restaurant and its cuisine were uniquely appealing. They shared some impressive awards and recognitions for their excellence. They included their Web address. And, they even provided a little map that showed me exactly how to find it.

There was only one thing missing. But it was the most important thing: They failed to make me an offer that would entice me to dine at the restaurant. In fact, there was no offer at all.

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Lessons from a Business Website That Misunderstands Content Marketing

You must be clear on what you do and how your customers will benefit
I became aware of the Metwell website as a result of a promotion they had sent me via Twitter. Their website is full of unintended ironies as they offer online marketing advice which the website appears to ignore.

It’s also a good example of a website with a pretty good layout that is undercut by a lack of focus and a serious shortage of relevant and compelling content.

I found it hard to understand exactly what Metwell does or how they could help me after a quick–and then a more in depth–visit to their website The company seems to know content is important because their site attempts to provide a lot of content, at least on the surface. But they misunderstand the essence of content marketing by failing to make their content relevant and compelling to prospective buyers.

Here’s what I find to be most problematic:

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