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Is Clever Better? Witty versus Search-Engine-Optimized Headlines–Kuno Creative

  Written by Brianne Carlon A good goal for headlines is to evoke emotion in some way. Whether it is amusement, curiosity, joy or sorrow, intriguing a reader is the biggest responsibility of a headline. And there have been some

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6 Things Your Home Page Must Do (to Keep from Sucking) | A Better User Experience

6 things your website must do to keep from sucking

Home pages. If you have a website, you have one of these bad boys. And no matter whether you’re selling real estate or racoon prevention (that’s really the entire spectrum there, right?) there are certain things that your home page

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How To Lose Friends And Alienate Twitter Followers: 5 Stupid Social Media Mistakes | Fast Company

Written by Amber Mac, Fast Company. When I interviewed entrepreneur and author Guy Kawasaki recently, I chatted with him at great lengths about his Twitter publishing habits. Take a look at his feed, and every few minutes you’ll see a

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Branding: Where Marketing and Writing Become Friends by Matthew Turner — The Book Designer

By Matthew Turner (@Turndog_million) Growing up I was under the impression writers were artists… usually alcoholics, people teeming with personal issues, and eccentric as hell. These people wrote, sent out their work, got published, and sat back watching the royalties

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Why People Share: The Most Overlooked Part of Social Media Marketing

A lot of great marketers make lousy social media marketers. Most of the time they don’t even know how bad they are at it, probably because they’ve been so successful in some other kind of marketing (advertising, PR, CRM… something).

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Before You Name Your Company, Consider How Google Will Rank It

Naming a company or a product used to involve a number of factors—none of which related to SEO considerations. But no longer. “It doesn’t matter whether your brand is online or not, “[I]t will be googled, ” says Ann Smarty

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Managing Content Marketing: Expert Interview with Joe Pulizzi

What is content marketing?What makes it different from other types of business communications, and why should local businesses adopt a content marketing… See the video interview below to learn from content marketing guru, Joe Pulizzi:

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How to Write Potent Headlines | Content for Biz

  Lessons on writing headlines from legendary ad man David Ogilvy are relevant to writers of blogs, websites, articles and social media posts. Written by Joanne Costin I think advertising man David Ogilvy would have enjoyed online marketing for the instantaneous feedback

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The Newsonomics of the Long Good-Bye: Kodak’s, Sears’ and Newspapers – Ken Doctor – Seeking Alpha

No old-world icon is safe. Just in recent weeks, both Kodak and Sears have percolated back into the news, offering headline writers a dilemma borrowed from the classic Saturday Night Live Weekend Update line, “Generalíssimo Francisco Franco is still dead.”

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Content Marketing Books to Help Sell the C-Level

Written by Joe Pulizzi 10 amazing content marketing books that will help persuade your boss (CXO) to give you more budget for content marketing in your company….   The New Rules of Marketing & PR I consider this David Meerman

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