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How to Keep Bad Headlines from Burying Your Content

news flash--students cook and serve grandparents

I’m a connoisseur  of  really awful headlines. The more appalling they are, the more I love them. But, I rarely, if ever, go on to read the actual stories. Happily, we can still learn what to do by observing what

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Ho, Ho, Horrible: Worst Holiday eMail Campaign Ever?

I don’t have to say too much, because this terrible email campaign is eloquently awful and speaks for itself. After reading the entire email, it’s easy to see where they go terribly wrong: I don’t know the sender and won’t

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I Love iTunes, So Why Doesn’t Their eNewsletter Love Me Back

What Am I Marketing Chopped Liver? If you are one of the millions of iTunes fans, you appreciate the brilliant work they do in aggregating music creatively.  But, they squander the opportunity to connect with me by focusing on what

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You Lose When Your Press Releases Make Everyone Snooze

Learn What Not to Do from One Very Boring News Release Press releases still pack a punch for marketers. With content rich releases, smart marketers engage not only the press, but thousands of customers as well. But, ineffective press releases

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Why You Should Banish Mission/Vision Statements from Your Home Page

If You Don’t, You’ll Be Just Another Generic Acme Corporation Whose Content Marketing is Doomed to Fail Mission and vision statements may be important to your company internally.  They may even deserve a place on your website once your visitor

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Keep It Simple to Win: Apple Beats Microsoft on Presentations Alone

Your Content Marketing Must Make It Easy for Your Customers to Understand How You Benefit Them You may not love Apple or Steve Jobs or their groundbreaking series of  iPhones first launched in 2007 Conversely, you may love much of

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How Content Marketing by SW Florida Insurance Agency Clobbers a Billion Dollar Competitor

Gulfshore Insurance Shows They Care How the Hottest Issue in a Generation Impacts Their Clients.  Big Bank/Insurance Giant Ignores It. I think we can all agree that the health insurance reform legislation of 2010 will touch each and every one

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5 Content Marketing Lessons to Learn from The Agony of an Auto Dealer Showroom Experience

They Don’t Make It Easy to Buy.  They Make You Want to Run for Your Life. Danger, danger, Will Robinson!!  Car salesmen approaching!!  I’m guessing that I didn’t even need an evocative photo for each of you to conjure up

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Don’t Bury Your Best Work in the Back Rooms of Your Website

If Your Visitors Have To Search for It, They Won’t. I continue to be surprised by the number of marketing and advertising companies who have websites that hide examples of the great work that they do behind a bunch of

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Are We as Stupid as Some Email Marketers Think We Are?

Or Maybe I’m on a special list of empty-headed business people. But I’m hit by way too many email marketing campaigns that must assume that I’m exceptionally gullible. Perhaps I’m the only person that hates this stuff, but I’m going

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