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Learn How to Steer Your Content Marketing Course From Offshore Sailing School

Veteran Sailors, Steve and Doris Colgate, Make Sailing Come Alive on the Web Sailing is a wonderful, exhilarating sport for those who have the training and experience to enjoy the ever-changing interplay of wind and water on a boat driven

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What TV’s Mad Men and Kodak Teach Us about Content Marketing

Plenty Has Changed from 1960 to 2010 but What Is Most Important Has Stayed the Same. If you’re not already a fan of the TV classic in the making, Mad Men, it’s all about the Madison Avenue ad agency world

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Top 10 Content Marketing Takeaways from CBIA Sales & Marketing Council Multi-Media Session

Bring Your Business Up to Speed with Timely Tips from SW Florida Experts Although our Southwest Florida region comprises mostly small businesses, we are blessed with a surprising number of savvy local experts on content marketing and social media. I

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4 Common Sense Social Media Tips for PR and Marketing Pros

Yes, you can apply the best of traditional public relations practices to the new world of social media Guest post from Kathleen Taylor, APR, President of the Southwest Florida chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association offers 4 top takeaways

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10 Ways to Win with Online Video

Stand Out from the Marketing Crowd Thanks to Lou Bortone, video marketing guru for this guest post In an over-crowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, video marketing can help you break through the clutter and deliver your message in a powerful and

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

  It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Social media certainly loomed larger in the past 12 months but interest

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6 Secrets to Making Online Video Work for Small Business

Kathy Saenz of Neighborhood America Shares What It Takes to Make Video an Effective Content Marketing Tool Even a micro business can use video effectively to communicate with its customers online. But, as we amateur carpenters know, you can wind

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The Best Way to Promote Your Offline Business to Online Prospects

Use Google, Yahoo, and Micosoft Directories to Turn Your Physical Storefront into a Virtual Version
(Guest post by WordPress fanatic and small business web consultant Don Campbell)

If your business is an “offline” business with a physical storefront, the most effective way to improve your search rankings in Google is to list your business in the free local business directories from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Once you are listed in these directories, you have a chance to get listed in the “Google 10-Pack” – which is an invaluable way to get the word out about your business when people type in search terms in your local area.
In fact, if you don’t claim your Google Local Business Center profile, in some cases it can be scooped up by others who want to capitalize on the listings!

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If You or Your Boss Thinks Social Media is a Fad, Watch This Video

How I Discovered This Video Offers Another Proof of the Power of Social Media

SW Florida media maven and real estate professional, Chris Griffith, clued me into this cool and compelling video does a terrific job of dispelling doubts about the power and impact of social media. So, it’s only natural to share it on my blog, which, of course, is a prime social media component.

As I was about to post the video, I realized that the Facebook alert from Chris was a metaphor for the fast growing impact of social media to connect people, businesses, and concepts. Here’s what I mean:

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How to Give Away a Ton of Information to Sell a Ton of Products

Content Marketing Pioneer, Tim Berry of Palo Alto Software Tells You How to Build Your Business Before He Charges You a Nickel

In 1994, I read the first edition of Tim Berry’s wonderful book, Hurdle: The Book on Business Planning without realizing that it was a perfect example of content marketing.

Of course, back then, nobody was calling what he did content marketing. Essentially, Tim’s book gave away all of the information you needed to build your own successful business plan. This might seem odd since his real business then and now is selling software that automates the process of building business plans and marketing plans.

Why would we want to buy his software after we’ve read his book? I believe there are two reasons:

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