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Write Less, Say More: The Power of Brevity | Lifehacker

When it comes to great writing, less is more. But even if you’re familiar with the mantra to “omit needless words,” tightening your writing is harder that it looks. Which words should you omit? How can you write more clearly?

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How to Attract an Audience by Integrating Content, Social, and Search | Copyblogger

Written by Robert Bruce. Google’s been pissing people off lately. Panda, Penguin, Parakeet (okay, I made that last one up), who knows what’s next …

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Jennifer Sheahan: Cracking the Facebook Code | Social Media Today

In every generation, there are game-changing advancements that redefine business. From the automobile and television, to the VCR and Internet, the evolution of technology drives our consumptive habits. Today, there are arguably fewer more engrossing, time-consuming habits than that of

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Give Your Customers Uplifting Content to Kick Off Each Monday

Lynda McNutt Foster Delivers with Her Weekly Launch List   Lynda  overflows with brains, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun. So, I wasn’t surprised to find her new weekly newsletter unique in its approach to its recipients. The ‘Launch List’ is a

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Why the Massive Move to Mobile Computing Changes Content Marketing Rules

Rethink Your Content Marketing by Aiming at Billions of Buyers on the Move For those of us who been around computing since the early days of PCs, the consumer move to mobile devices and away from desktop and even laptop

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Facebook’s New Business Pages Means Marketers Must Evolve | DigitalNext

The new Facebook Business Page is not only a visual transformation of the site, it is a game changer for the marketing function. The fact that Facebook will automatically transition existing business pages to the new format over the next

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Is Clever Better? Witty versus Search-Engine-Optimized Headlines–Kuno Creative

  Written by Brianne Carlon A good goal for headlines is to evoke emotion in some way. Whether it is amusement, curiosity, joy or sorrow, intriguing a reader is the biggest responsibility of a headline. And there have been some

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7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

Here is an overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features. Cover Photo and Profile Image Obviously one of the biggest changes that we all knew was coming was the cover photo.

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What Dr. Seuss can teach you about copywriting | SEO Copywriting

Written by Heather Lloyd-Martin. Looking for some writing inspiration? Why not check out some Dr. Seuss books. Learn what Dr. Seuss can teach you about good copywriting. Confession time: I love Dr. Seuss. The words to One Fish, Two Fish

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6 Things Your Home Page Must Do (to Keep from Sucking) | A Better User Experience

6 things your website must do to keep from sucking

Home pages. If you have a website, you have one of these bad boys. And no matter whether you’re selling real estate or racoon prevention (that’s really the entire spectrum there, right?) there are certain things that your home page

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