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Write a Book. Change the World.

Cyndee Woolley's Upcoming June 2013 Book

11 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Book. Great business books do change the world. They change the world one discipline or market segment at a time. They make a measurable difference in how entrepreneurs and executives start, grow, and

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Why Your Blog Should be Your Top Social Media Tool


We often talk about the need to develop a content marketing mindset. This requires companies to think like publishers. And that sounds an awful lot like social media in a definition that I saved and have embraced from Wikipedia several

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How Content Marketing Wins Over The Most Brutal Business Buyers

Classic Truths about Skeptical Customers Remain Modern Business Realities Back in 1958,  McGraw-Hill created an ad that became legendary in the decades to follow  among business-to-business marketers–and among those folks like me who were selling advertising to those skeptical business

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5 Lessons to Learn from the World’s Worst Press Release


The headline and the article below are so bad that you might think it’s a spoof published by the satirical website, The Onion.   But, no such luck! Happily, we can learn from it. I have changed details to protect the

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How to Successfully Conduct Great Market Research Online

aging researchers

Written by Bob Ruffolo at Impact Branding and Design. When we think of marketers and market research, we tend to think of two-way mirrors and focus groups. We think about extensive planning. We think “expensive”. But thanks to the Internet, no matter

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THINKing » Top 50 Creativity Posts

My Creative Team has a weekly feature highlighting the latest information on creativity. This post selects – in no particular order – the 50 best creativity posts that they have featured this year. Here’s a sample to get you started

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How to Keep Bad Headlines from Burying Your Content

news flash--students cook and serve grandparents

I’m a connoisseur  of  really awful headlines. The more appalling they are, the more I love them. But, I rarely, if ever, go on to read the actual stories. Happily, we can still learn what to do by observing what

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4 Lessons In Creativity From John Cleese

John Cleese on Creativity at Cannes 2012

  WRITTEN BY: RAE ANN FERA on Co.Create The legendary writer and actor has also become a well-known student of and speaker on creativity and how to cultivate it. He recently enlightened a group of ad types about the best

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“Headless Body in Topless Bar”: 5 Content Marketing Lessons from All-Time Best Headline

headless body found in topless bar

This New York Post headline is almost 30 years old. But,  It would be just as effective today as it was in 1983.  In fact, it’s a classic from which we can learn 5 important lessons. When you apply these

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6 Secrets to Make Your Content Unforgettable

So easy even a caveman can do it

“So easy even a caveman could do it.”  “Where’s the beef?” “Eat Mor Chikin!” What is it about these phrases and accompanying images from classic Geico, Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A commercials that made them so memorable? And, for many of us,

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