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How to Keep Bad Headlines from Burying Your Content

news flash--students cook and serve grandparents

I’m a connoisseur  of  really awful headlines. The more appalling they are, the more I love them. But, I rarely, if ever, go on to read the actual stories. Happily, we can still learn what to do by observing what

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“Headless Body in Topless Bar”: 5 Content Marketing Lessons from All-Time Best Headline

headless body found in topless bar

This New York Post headline is almost 30 years old. But,  It would be just as effective today as it was in 1983.  In fact, it’s a classic from which we can learn 5 important lessons. When you apply these

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Why Content Marketing Makes Advertising Unnecessary for Media Companies

And Why You Need to Emulate Their Content Strategy Although they are in the advertising business, media companies do very little advertising for their print and online publications. This may be somewhat less true for high-profile consumer and lifestyle publications. 

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Why Business Executives Fear Social Media Marketing | Social Media Today

Written by Chris Horton. This post was born out of a fascinating and revealing conversation our CEO recently had with a business executive of a prominent Minneapolis-area car dealership who absolutely refused to entertain the idea of social media marketing

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How to Attract an Audience by Integrating Content, Social, and Search | Copyblogger

Written by Robert Bruce. Google’s been pissing people off lately. Panda, Penguin, Parakeet (okay, I made that last one up), who knows what’s next …

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When Your Products Rock, Don’t Diminish Them with a Mediocre eNewsletter

Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking Deliver Awesome Results for Users. Their eNewsletter. Not So Much. In perhaps the ultimate  irony, I am using Dragon Dictate from Nuance to write this blog post which criticizes their eNewsletters.  I use Dragon

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Jennifer Sheahan: Cracking the Facebook Code | Social Media Today

In every generation, there are game-changing advancements that redefine business. From the automobile and television, to the VCR and Internet, the evolution of technology drives our consumptive habits. Today, there are arguably fewer more engrossing, time-consuming habits than that of

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Why You May Be Screwed If You Don’t Take Google+ Seriously

content marketing search 5-2-12

Pay  Careful Attention to the Upper Right hand Corner of Google Search Results If you have recently checked your category’s Google search results, you may well have been as surprised as was when I recently checked  our first page placement

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Missing the Mobile Inflection Point! Disruptions: With New Comforts, Growing Complacent

Written by Nick Bilton on the NYT Bits Blog. Google and Facebook are being left behind in the shift toward mobile, and the amenities available to their employees might offer some explanation for a slow transition. Google and Facebook, young

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Infographic | The Gold Standard of Content Marketing via NewsReach

Content Marketing is about the most effective way to harness content’s ubiquity and power. Individual pieces of content work to attract and engage web users, but when the pieces are combined, the effect can be dramatic.

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