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Give Your Marketing Real Depth to Deliver Offline and Online Results

It’s All About the Power of Deep 3 D Content Over Skinny 2 D Content What’s the difference between 2-D marketing and 3-D marketing you might ask? Plenty! Think of all the junk mail you receive at home or at

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Top 10 Lessons Small Businesses Can Takeaway from Smart Content Marketers

This week, several client meetings reinforced a vital truth:  Content marketing isn’t an arcane theory taught in expensive graduate schools that only billion dollar companies can use. In fact, great  content marketing is much more about brains than big bucks.

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The Godfather Guide to Direct Marketing: Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

You Must Persuade Me to Act or Your Beautiful Promotional Piece Will Sleep with the Fishes
I was perversely inspired to write this because of a recent gorgeous direct mailing I received from local French restaurant.

They did a lot of things right. There was some beautiful photography that captured the essence of this charming little bistro. They described how the restaurant and its cuisine were uniquely appealing. They shared some impressive awards and recognitions for their excellence. They included their Web address. And, they even provided a little map that showed me exactly how to find it.

There was only one thing missing. But it was the most important thing: They failed to make me an offer that would entice me to dine at the restaurant. In fact, there was no offer at all.

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Stop Being a Marketer. Start Being a Publisher.

The Paradigm is Shifting. Now Get Ready to Remodel Your Marketing
Marketing rules are changing all around us. The winners in this new world will be the early adopters who understand the new breed of buyer, take advantage of better and cheaper technology, and deliver problem-solving content.

It’s time for marketers to replace traditional publishers. Make sure you aren’t the last one on your block to make the transformation.

Here’s what you need to do and why:

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Why Storytelling is Vital to Effective Business Presentations

A New Edition of the Timeless Book, Presenting to Win, Explores the Content Marketing Component of In-Person Persuasion.
Whatever audience you must persuade, you need to engage them with compelling content in the form of stories. That’s easy to say, but hard to do.

As Jerry Weissman, author of Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story, puts it, “The problem is that no one knows how to tell a story and no one knows that they don’t know how to tell a story.” Fortunately, you’ll come away from reading this book armed with the necessary tools to tell those all-important stories brilliantly.

Presenting to Win, in its new expanded edition, teaches you to communicate with a purpose–whether you are convincing employees of the need to change, persuading prospects that you have the best solution to a problem or leading skeptical community groups to support your cause.

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The Content Marketing Secret You Can Learn from Small Publishing Companies

When You Deliver Great Content and Control a Critical Buyer Database You Drive Sales
Although they are in the advertising business, small publishing companies have never done much advertising for their magazines. The reasons were simple, but not necessarily obvious: They didn’t have to—and it wouldn’t work if they tried it.

By emulating the best practices of small publishing companies, you can minimize traditional marketing costs, too. Believe it or not, it all comes back to content marketing.

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Yes, Your Hand Drawings Can Overpower PowerPoint for Successful Presentations

Dan Roam in “The Back of the Napkin’ makes a convincing case for a simpler and better approach to communicating based on visual thinking.
There’s a reason that school rooms and conference rooms have whiteboards. We all tend to learn better when we combine what we hear with what we see. That’s why presentations can be more powerful when they integrate appropriate visual imagery.

That was probably what the creators of PowerPoint had in mind rather than the bevy of bullet point, text-heavy monster presentations it has unleashed upon the world.

There is a better way and it’s all about visual thinking. Dan Rowe makes a powerful case for building on basic visual imagery as the best way to share information, solve problems, and sell ideas.

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Embarq’s 2nd Attempt to Get My Business Back: Even Worse than the First!

Their first effort tried to play the cute, sympathy card with an actual card, now they imply its my fault that I bailed on them and trash the company they wrongly assume got my business.

I wrote recently that Embarq could have saved a lot of marketing moola by providing great customer service in the first place: The Huge Marketing Reality That EMBARQ Forgot. I, along with a likely heard of horses had already left the Embarq barn so it was too late to whistle us back. But, did they give up? No, now they are starting to sound irritatingly desperate.

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8 Great Content Marketing Takeaways from 2009 Custom Content Conference

Marketing experts shared invaluable insights about how to market in turbulent times through the effective use of content online, in print, and in person.
Custom publishing has gone from being an ancillary, add on component of marketing strategies to becoming a vital ingredient. Why? Because content marketing is so important to an increasing number of marketers and companies of all sizes. Therefore, creating custom content is no longer a nice to-do, if you have the money. Rather, it has become an absolute must-do as part of an integrated content marketing strategy.

The strategic importance of content marketing, and of its first cousin, social media, was front and center at this year’s Custom Content Conference.

Here are 8 great takeaways that I brought home with me from the conference:

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The Huge Marketing Reality That EMBARQ Forgot

Just like the Swiffer, “Baby, come back” TV ads, once you’ve lost your long-time customers, you may have to forget about getting them back–even if you send them flowers or sing under their window.

For many years in our part of the world, Southwest Florida, EMBARQ offered solid reliable phone service that originally ran under the Sprint banner. But, over the past six months or so, we ran into lots of annoying problems.

When we called them, rather than taking a proactive approach to figuring out what was wrong and fixing it, they suggested that we must be doing something wrong. They wanted to blame it on in the presence of a wireless phone that might have a dead battery. They insisted that we go through all kinds of gyrations to test it out and warned us that, although they could send out a service person, they would have to charge us if it turned out that the fault was ours.

Of course, we moved on. And, they made a cute but hopeless effort to get us back.

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