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How Content Marketing Wins Over The Most Brutal Business Buyers

Classic Truths about Skeptical Customers Remain Modern Business Realities Back in 1958,  McGraw-Hill created an ad that became legendary in the decades to follow  among business-to-business marketers–and among those folks like me who were selling advertising to those skeptical business

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Why Content Marketing Makes Advertising Unnecessary for Media Companies

And Why You Need to Emulate Their Content Strategy Although they are in the advertising business, media companies do very little advertising for their print and online publications. This may be somewhat less true for high-profile consumer and lifestyle publications. 

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Write Less, Say More: The Power of Brevity | Lifehacker

When it comes to great writing, less is more. But even if you’re familiar with the mantra to “omit needless words,” tightening your writing is harder that it looks. Which words should you omit? How can you write more clearly?

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Is Clever Better? Witty versus Search-Engine-Optimized Headlines–Kuno Creative

  Written by Brianne Carlon A good goal for headlines is to evoke emotion in some way. Whether it is amusement, curiosity, joy or sorrow, intriguing a reader is the biggest responsibility of a headline. And there have been some

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10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’.


  Get content. Get customers.,has now sold more than 10,000 copies in its hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions. Even though Joe Pulizzi and I wrote and updated it in the early stages of the content marketing revolution, our book’s vital

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Maximize The Content Marketing Impact of Your Newsletter

8 Ways to Extend Your Print or eNewsletter’s Reach Far Beyond Its Core Subscribers When you publish a monthly print or electronic newsletter that targets an important audience segment,  you probably invest heavily in generating the content that will make

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Does Your Content Marketing Fail the ‘So What’ Customer Relevance Test?

Unless You Address This Top of Mind, Unspoken Question, You are Out of the Game Imagine for a moment, that you are looking out at a hoard of your customers in an actual or virtual audience and that each and

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A Business Card as Creative Content Marketing Tool

Web Content Strategist from Capetown Makes a Memorable Front and Back Impression A business card is quite literally a small thing. But here’s one that made a big impression on me as a surprising example of content marketing. The card’s

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AC Transit Delivers Meaningful Marketing to Help Current and Future Riders

Bus Shelter Ads Offer Can’t Miss Message that Promotes Use of Rider Friendly Technology AC Transit avoids the "build it and they will come" mistake to which many companies and organizations fall prey. They know that simply offering bus service

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

  It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Social media certainly loomed larger in the past 12 months but interest

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