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SweetBay: Shocking Shopping Cart Content Marketing Secrets

It’s All About Making It Easier for the Customer to Buy OK, I’ll admit it. I not the primary grocery shopper in the family. But, I’m always happy to hop over to Publix, Fresh Market, Whole Foods or SweetBay to

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To Sell Effectively, You’ve Got to Get in Bed with Your Customers—But Not in the Way You May Be Thinking!

Your Sales Team Must Be Content Marketers, Too! Mike Wisner was my first boss in publishing back in the days of John Denver and disco. He was a unique, colorful, and brilliant character. I learned so much from Mike that

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AC Transit Delivers Meaningful Marketing to Help Current and Future Riders

Bus Shelter Ads Offer Can’t Miss Message that Promotes Use of Rider Friendly Technology AC Transit avoids the "build it and they will come" mistake to which many companies and organizations fall prey. They know that simply offering bus service

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

  It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Social media certainly loomed larger in the past 12 months but interest

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How to Deliver a Killer Content Marketing Combination

Integrate your online and in person efforts by learning from Truebridge’s work in the banking industry. Content marketing works by providing your best customers vital information that helps them be more successful or to live better lives. As a stand-alone

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Is Your Marketing as Smart as a 5th Grader’s?

This Young Neighbor Understands Target Marketing Perfectly We have just moved into a great new neighborhood with plenty of energetic young kids. While I was out walking our dog, Mia, I was delighted to discover that we have a young

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Take Your Elevator Speech to a Higher Level. Be Both Brief And Compelling.

Engage your listeners so effectively that they will ride with you to the top floor and accompany you all the way to your office enthralled by what you have to say. I was inspired again by Jay Baer’s August 12

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Because Your People Are Vital to Your Business, You Should Make Them an Important Part of Your Website

Visitors to two new client websites are spending a lot of time learning about their teams on pages devoted to team members. Why? Because your visitors understand that they must count on your people to deliver solutions to their problems.
When I recently reviewed the Google analytics data from two recently launched websites, the amount of time visitors spent on pages devoted to their team members reinforced the value of showcasing each organization’s team. Although, in both cases, a dozen or more pages got a solid level of traffic, their people pages ranked very close to the top.

Your customers want to know that you have the right people on the bus and that you truly value them.
When top corporate executives featured in Good to Great were asked to provide reasons for their success, they focused more than anything on their people. Author, Jim Collins, talked about the importance of getting the right people on the bus. Every leader understood that having the right team in place enabled them to manage almost any situation. In effect, those leaders indicated that leadership was a heck of a lot easier if you had the right people to lead.

Your customers know that, too. Sure, they will decide to do business with you in large part because of how you are positioned, on your ability to provide appropriate products and services that solve their problems, and on the competitiveness of your pricing. But, in the end, their trust in your team will take them from strong prospects to solid customers.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries Really Understand in Person Content Marketing

How They Use Secret Shoppers to Catch Their Team Members Doing the Right Thing. If you are looking for great basic meat and potatoes cooking in a casual atmosphere, you can’t do much better than Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

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Embarq’s 2nd Attempt to Get My Business Back: Even Worse than the First!

Their first effort tried to play the cute, sympathy card with an actual card, now they imply its my fault that I bailed on them and trash the company they wrongly assume got my business.

I wrote recently that Embarq could have saved a lot of marketing moola by providing great customer service in the first place: The Huge Marketing Reality That EMBARQ Forgot. I, along with a likely heard of horses had already left the Embarq barn so it was too late to whistle us back. But, did they give up? No, now they are starting to sound irritatingly desperate.

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