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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

  It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Social media certainly loomed larger in the past 12 months but interest

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How a Small Retailer Does Powerful E-Mail Marketing That Delivers Dollar Results

Miss Lucy’s House of Holidays understands how to segment its customers and deliver targeting messages as part of a consistent content marketing campaign.

Like many small retailers, Miss Lucy’s has a very limited marketing budget. Unlike many small retailers, they have a very clear understanding of their ideal target customer and know how to do carefully segmented e-mail marketing.

This shop focuses on high-end product lines and unique gifts which are centered around a holiday theme. Throughout the year and for a wide variety of holidays they continually redecorate and refocus the design of their store.
Since their founding in October 2007, they have experimented with a variety of marketing and advertising, including print advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising, direct mail–and most recently an effectively e-mail marketing. Today, they do almost no traditional marketing They have instead focused their efforts on e-mail marketing.

Here’s why that works so well for them:

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Create a Special-Purpose eNewsletter Series To Help Your New Customers Use Your Products Better

A tips eNewsletter can work for a free trial or an actual purchase.
Whether or not you are actually sending out regular eNewsletters to customers and prospects, you should consider creating a special ‘tips’ eNewsletter for new users and/or testers.

As it frequently does, the Avongate blog inspired me with a post that was specific to software companies that need to convert free trial users into paying customers. Guest blogger, Jason Cohen, CEO of Smart Bear Software, emphasizes that you need to do something with your captured customer info, because you will be wasting data otherwise. But, he also suggested that the typical “thanks and hope you’re enjoying our software ” was not much better than doing nothing.

Instead, he recommends that you do a special-purpose series of three eNewsletters that are filled with tips about how to make best use of the product that prospects are testing.

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Why Does this BMW Dealer eNewsletter Talk So Little About Cars?

How To Put the Brakes on Their Five Major Marketing Mistakes
[Please note that I have made a few changes to the initial post based on constructive feedback, particularly to clarify that this is a dealer enewsletter,not a BMW corporate effort ]

If you were to imagine an eNewsletter from your local BMW dealer, you would probably expect it to lead off with a picture something like the one to the right.

As a BMW owner, you tend to be a certain kind of person. The folks at BMW have understood your persona well over decades in the United States. That’s why I’m mystified at the June 2009 eNewsletter from Germain BMW of Naples.

I love my BMW. I think Germain BMW is a terrific dealership. But, I hate their eNewsletter. Why? Because it has almost nothing to do with the BMW brand promise: BMW—The Ultimate Driving Machine.

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Here’s a Content Marketing Conference You Shouldn’t Miss

Content marketing is now a strategic imperative for companies of all sizes.  Doing it well is challenging because it requires a new mindset for most marketers.  When you add in rapidly evolving digital technology and a plethora of social media

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How $2000, Creativity, Consistent Marketing, and Lots of Hard Work Made Glamajama Successful

6 Lessons to Learn from a Young Mom Who Has Built a Successful Clothing Brand While Learning Business the Hard Way
Heather Nolte is a self-described 5′ 1″ Texas firecracker who launched her fun and fashionable clothing company with tons of energy, but not a shred of entrepreneurial experience.

She targets moms and their very young kids who are desperate for clothing options that are not the same old same old “mommy and me” choices. Her tagline tells the story: “From the crib to the catwalk.”

Although Heather was able to get her company up and running on just $2000, she has always had big dreams. Those dreams and her business naivety led her to make some expensive and damaging marketing mistakes very early on.

Instead of conceding defeat, she immediately set out to learn absolutely everything about building a successful business with a combination of creativity and frugality. What she learned about marketing has made all the difference.

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Does Your Marketing Answer This Question: What Problem Do I Solve?

eNewsletter expert, Michael Katz, puts it all in perspective for professional service providers.
Thanks to Patsi Krakoff of Writing on the Web for leading me to Michael. He gets right to the heart of a major marketing challenge. How do we describe what we do in a way that will attract customers when they have a pressing need?

For those of us who provide professional services, we often suffer from knowing a lot about a lot. Even worse, we want to share as much as we can about our skill set with prospective clients. Then we hope they can determine how that passel of capabilities might match what they need right now.

Basically, we’re asking our prospects to work too hard to understand how we can help when all they want is a precise solution to an urgent problem.

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3 Key Elements Make This eNewsletter a Winner!

Attention & Emotion Grabbing Photo, Call to Action, and Two Paragraph Description Prompts Immediate Action.
Maybe I’m just a sucker for kids and the medical professionals who look after them when they really need help, but this simple eNewsletter got me to click immediately to check out the ‘Grape Fest’ event photos that you’ll find on the SW Florida Wine & Food Fest website.

One thing for sure, powerful imagery combined with compelling descriptive text can achieve wonders. When email boxes are overflowing, you won’t likely get the attention you need, unless you can grab readers’ interest immediately. The Grape Fest eNewsletter does exactly that.

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Today Posts of 2008

Our readers flocked to a broad range of content marketing-related issues over the past 12 months. In fact, the breadth of topics surprised me. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what you can find: Unlearn Traditional PR Transform website into

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Content Marketing Goof Up: Why Isn’t the iTunes eNewsletter Showing Me the Love?

Rare Apple Misstep Sends Weekly News about Music You May Hate
If you are one of the millions of iTunes fans, you appreciate the brilliant work they do in aggregating music creatively.
The iTunes folks excel at enabling you to choose,to organize, and to discover all sorts of music that you love.
That’s why I’m astonished at how far off the mark they are with their weekly new music eNewsletter.

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