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How a Gardening Company Newsjacked a Blizzard


Making Your Customers Grow In Spite of the Snow Very few customers of Meadows Farms are giving a moments thought to spring planting as the Washington DC area faces a huge snowstorm. so rather than fight the obvious, the folks

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How Constant Contact Walks the Content Marketing Walk

Constant Contact easy to act home page

Action-oriented Website Transforms Visitors into Buyers. We’ve long been impressed with Constant Contact. Almost 5 years ago, we wrote about their excellent eNewsletter as an example of effective content marketing–that even small companies with low budgets could emulate.  They have

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When Your Products Rock, Don’t Diminish Them with a Mediocre eNewsletter

Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking Deliver Awesome Results for Users. Their eNewsletter. Not So Much. In perhaps the ultimate  irony, I am using Dragon Dictate from Nuance to write this blog post which criticizes their eNewsletters.  I use Dragon

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Give Your Customers Uplifting Content to Kick Off Each Monday

Lynda McNutt Foster Delivers with Her Weekly Launch List   Lynda  overflows with brains, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun. So, I wasn’t surprised to find her new weekly newsletter unique in its approach to its recipients. The ‘Launch List’ is a

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Maximize The Content Marketing Impact of Your Newsletter

8 Ways to Extend Your Print or eNewsletter’s Reach Far Beyond Its Core Subscribers When you publish a monthly print or electronic newsletter that targets an important audience segment,  you probably invest heavily in generating the content that will make

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Cheap and Easy to Use Technology Enables Even Small Companies to Trump Traditional Media

Content Marketers Can Deliver Great Information Products to a Targeted Customer Base Fortune 500 companies have long had the technological resources and investment capital required to build sophisticated content marketing solutions—and to manage huge amounts of demographic data relating to

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I Love iTunes, So Why Doesn’t Their eNewsletter Love Me Back

What Am I Marketing Chopped Liver? If you are one of the millions of iTunes fans, you appreciate the brilliant work they do in aggregating music creatively.  But, they squander the opportunity to connect with me by focusing on what

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Are We as Stupid as Some Email Marketers Think We Are?

Or Maybe I’m on a special list of empty-headed business people. But I’m hit by way too many email marketing campaigns that must assume that I’m exceptionally gullible. Perhaps I’m the only person that hates this stuff, but I’m going

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Easily Personalize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns with Personalized URLs for Each Recipient

Blase Ciabaton, The DirectMail Man, Teaches a New Way to Do Some Real One-to-One Content Marketing In order to generate measurable marketing response, you may well continue to rely on direct mail.  Although it may be less effective than in

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4 Email Promo Practices to Avoid: A Marketing Campaign That Shows Us Exactly What Not to Do

A Sadly Wasted Effort for a Mystery Event That Might Even Have Been Worth Attending I just received an email promotion that was so wrong-headed that it makes a perfect negative case study.  As always we can learn from what

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