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When You Are the Brand, Content Marketing Is Crucial

Shama Hyder proves how powerful a website and blog can be for a solopreneur.
Shama is an online marketing expert. How do I know this without having met her? Because I have visited her website, “,” read her blog, and downloaded her e-book, “Online Marketing Plan.” There is so much great stuff inside this e-book that shall be amazed she’s not charging big bucks for you to buy it. Here’s what you can learn from Shama.

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10 Big Content Marketing Lessons in Get Content. Get Customers.

Get content. Get customers., the hardcover edition of the new book that Joe Pulizzi and I have written will be coming out on July 1, 2008. Although it runs a full 200 pages, we have been able to extract some

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15 Secrets to Getting the Most Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

Whether you have already developed and he played a content marketing strategy or whether you are still in the planning stage, you should seriously consider how to extend the reach of your core content product.

For example, let’s suppose you have decided to create a quarterly print magazine that targets an important audience segment. You will need to spend a significant amount of time and effort in generating the content that will make this magazine relevant and valuable to its readers. That is obviously critical. But you can do even more.
Here are 15 great ways to extend the reach of your content far beyond the circulation of that print publication. Many of these involve little or no incremental expense while offering dramatically improved incremental impact.

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Use the B.E.S.T. Approach to Simplify Content Marketing Success

Content marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. But it can be challenging to implement. Our colleague and friend, Stephanie Diamond, highlighted our B.E.S.T. approach as a way of making your implementation simpler. Learn how the B.E.S.T approach can work for you.

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Blogging Expert Buys into the Term: ‘Content Marketing’

It’s great to learn that an online marketing expert like Patsi Krakoff finds our term, ‘content marketing’ to be an apt descriptor of the integration of multiple trends and techniques: I’ll admit that the concept of Content Marketing makes sense

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Do you have a lot of knowledge to share? Consider an eBook

If you or your organization has one or more areas of expertise that you’d like to share, consider producing an eBook. If you have a lot to communicate, but want to say it more colorfully than a white paper and

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