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10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’.


  Get content. Get customers.,has now sold more than 10,000 copies in its hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions. Even though Joe Pulizzi and I wrote and updated it in the early stages of the content marketing revolution, our book’s vital

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire Broke a Vital Content Marketing Rule: Understand Your Customers’ Needs Before Attempting to Provide a Solution


Tens of Thousands of Disappointed Users Expected Much More from Jeff Bezos and His Crew As many content marketing thought leaders have pointed out, Amazon is a superb content marketer. When it comes to books, for example, the content they

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Tablets Will Soon Transform B2B Book Publishing

Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet will dramatically accelerate the move to e-books The shift from print business-to-business books to digital versions, whether Kindle, Nook or iBook has been nothing short of astonishing. Symptomatic of the change is the increasing amount

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Shocking Content Marketing Lessons from Strange Bedfellows: Kate Winslet, Governor Rick Perry, and Larry Flynt

It’s all about Newsjacking:  The Science of Latching onto a Hot News Story in Near Real-Time, and Making It All about You. David Meerman Scott is once again the thought leader in helping us get more news coverage than we

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Why Apple’s iPad Will Be a Content Marketing Game Changer

A Powerful, Portable, Flexible, Connected, Social, and Cool Information and Entertainment Device for the 21st Century [I have made corrections below on the elements to the original story re Apple Newton. I made the edits because careful reader, Zach Leary,

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Learn What’s Ahead for Content Marketing in 2010 from 39 experts

New Crowd Sourced E-Book Is Also a Brilliant Example of Content Marketing Because all of us are smarter than one of us, you will find lots of value in the new e-book, Key Content Marketing Trends and Predictions  for  2010—

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10 Most Popular Content Marketing Posts of 2009

  It’s been a very good year for content marketing. In fact, visitors searching our site for the phrase “content marketing” increased by 85% in 2009 over 2008. Social media certainly loomed larger in the past 12 months but interest

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How to Create an E-Book That Will Benefit Your Customers and Your Company

The E-Book E-Book Is the Perfect Example of Content Marketing That Helps You Be a Much More Effective Content Marketer
You have to love it when a great marketing guy completes the content marketing circle. That’s exactly what Jonathan Kranz has done in his new E-Book E-Book which teaches its readers exactly how to create an effective e-book that will, in turn, serve as an effective content marketing vehicle for their organizations.

Jonathan is true to the content marketing credo. He provides relevant and compelling content for free. He proves that he understands how to create a great e-book by creating a great e-book. In so doing, he makes himself a trusted source of information whom we would be comfortable hiring to help us with our content marketing. It just doesn’t get any better.

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6 Best Read Content Marketing Today Posts in 1st 6 Months of 2009

Proving again that our readers like to dig into a variety of topics under the broad content marketing umbrella. While you’re enjoying the beach or a barbecue this 4th of July weekend, take a few minutes to ponder how effective

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Five Reasons an e-Book Should Be a Core Component Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Of course, I’m assuming that you already have a website and are probably doing some business blogging. You may also do a regular eNewsletter to inform your customers and prospects about the great content you have created recently online. Your next step is to create an e-book that targets your ideal customers.

Joe and I learned this lesson with the e-book that preceded the print version of Get Content Get Customers. We were able to distribute our content marketing message to thousands of folks from around the world who took the time to download our e-book.

The power of e-books hit me again while I was reading David Meerman Scott’s new book, the World Wide Rave. He wrote about an Australian company the RPO group which is a recruitment outsourcing firm. Although David covered their website and their blog, I was particularly impressed by their e-book, 5 Secrets of Talent. It’s only 23 pages long, but conveys critical concepts clearly and compellingly.

Their e-book works for them. E-books can work for you as well. Here are five reasons why:

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