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How to Put Social Media Marketing to Work for Your Company

Social media marketing is a trend, not a fad.  Moreover, it’s a terrific extension of your content marketing strategy. What’s clear from current research is that when we evaluate social media, we are not talking about the marketing longevity equivalent

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5 Ways to Use Other People’s Content in Your Marketing

  Image hazel.estrada via Flickr CC [This is a perfect example of what John is discussing. We have curated his post via Scoop.It.] Written by John Jantsch You need lots of content, you know that, but you also know that

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Blog Content Marketing Impacts 69% of Women’s Tech Purchases

Content Marketing Beats Social Media A report from BlogHer suggests that tech businesses targeting American women can be most effective with blog content marketing.

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10 Top Content Marketing Takeaways from ‘Get Content. Get Customers’.


  Get content. Get customers.,has now sold more than 10,000 copies in its hardcover, paperback, and eBook editions. Even though Joe Pulizzi and I wrote and updated it in the early stages of the content marketing revolution, our book’s vital

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Awesome Author Website ‘Versailles and More’ Lures Us to 18th Century

Beautiful blog design and compelling, relevant content by historical novelist Catherine Delors. This is one of the best websites I’ve seen from a novelist. It brings us deeper into the 18th century period about which she writes. The engaging content

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HubSpot Launches Free Marketing Grader Tool to Replace Website Grader

Via – Content Marketing Now From the Hubspot Blog, by Karen Rubin HubSpot launches a free new tool to help you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your entire marketing program. Since 2006, HubSpot’s award-winning free tool, Website Grader, has

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Cheap and Easy to Use Technology Enables Even Small Companies to Trump Traditional Media

Content Marketers Can Deliver Great Information Products to a Targeted Customer Base Fortune 500 companies have long had the technological resources and investment capital required to build sophisticated content marketing solutions—and to manage huge amounts of demographic data relating to

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How a Tiny Grocer Outflanks Kroger on Facebook

George Bowers Grocery Makes a  Fun 1 to 1 Connection That’s Impossible for the Big Chain to Match The right niche and the right approach enable a two-person company to outshine a retailing giant on Facebook. That’s true of George

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Jekyll and Hyde Content Marketing: Bad Website & Wonderful Blog

Simply Combine the Two Online Personalities to Get a Very Happy Ending The frightening story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wove the tale of a saintly doctor whose alter ego was an evil murderer. Sadly, there was no happy

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Brief Comment on Comments, Content Marketing, and SEO

[Updated Version] If any self-described search engine expert tells you that comments like the following actual example will get you SEO-friendly links back to your blog or website, I suggest you neither pay for nor follow their advice:

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