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Why Being Tuned In to Your Customers is Vital to Your Success

New Book Co-authored by David Meerman Scott Reinforces Content Marketing Principles.
Too many companies develop products based on their own inward looking approach. According to the new book “Tuned In,” that’s exactly backwards. To succeed with product development, it is essential to take the opposite approach. Determine what it is that your customers want and provide a product or service so compelling that your customers will sell it for you. Of course, this approach is at the very heart of successful content marketing best practices.

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2 Big Wins for Get Content Get Customers

Sales Streak Past 1000 Copies. Online Marketing Guru Recommends Our Book.
One thousand copies pales in comparison to Harry Potter. But, put into context it suggests pretty solid acceptance of Get Content Get Customers. Thanks to so many of youand to the support of marketing experts like Shama Hyder, we have been able to beat the odds by exceeding the sales of 90% of all books published in the U.S.

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Deepest Secrets of Web Marketing Exposed!

Stephanie Diamond lays bare mysteries of online marketing for small business executives.
Marketing is probably the biggest challenge for small business owners and executives. We typically spend so much time running the business day to day that establishing and maintaining a marketing focus just doesn’t happen. The accelerating pace of Internet marketing change makes it all that much more challenging.

Happily, Stephanie Diamond has written that rare book which both forces us to think in new and different ways about marketing issues–and simultaneously provides a detailed roadmap so that we can put those thoughts into action. Once you have finished the book, you will be ready to develop and deploy a successful Web marketing strategy.

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Sales Success: It’s all about the right fit

A salesperson is a salesperson is a salesperson. Not so.
Because selling and sales professionals are fundamental to your in person content marketing strategy, you must develop just the right team for your company and your market. However obvious this might seem, here’s why so many companies get it all wrong.

Identifying great sales people isn’t as simple as you might think. They don’t all look alike, think alike or act alike. One category of salesperson would die rather than get friends together to sell them Tupperware. Another breed thinks that the purpose of having a lot of friends is so that you can have lots of Tupperware parties.

Difficult or not, selecting the right sales candidate for the right sales situation is fundamental to building a successful company.

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New eBook Teaches How Content Marketing Turns Prospects into Customers

Content marketing represents an upcoming tsunami that you must learn to surf. Our eBook, Get Content.GetCustomers. teaches you how with to-the-point, put-it-to-work content. We tell you why you need to do it, give best practice examples, and give you a blueprint to follow. Best of all, it’s FREE!.

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A Great Book with Bite: Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?

Figure out how to persuade your web visitors to become buyers. Dogs are easily motivated to respond to stimuli. Cats aren’t so cooperative. Potential buyers used to behave pretty much like dogs—responding to advertising by running out to buy a

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Be the Elephant: How to Grow Your Small Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably an optimist. Otherwise, why would you start a business knowing that most small companies fail in their first few years? Yet many small business owners choke when it comes to growing their companies. In

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Made to Stick: Make You & Your Ideas Unforgettable

Love ’em or Hate ’em, You Can’t Forget ’em. “Where’s the beef?” “So easy even a caveman could do it.” What is it about these phrases and accompanying images from Wendy’s and Geico commercials that make them so memorable? In

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Build on Your Strengths and Forget about Your Weaknesses

Powerful Lessons from Strengths Finder 2.0. If only you could improve on your areas of weakness, you would optimize your performance. Right? No. Wrong! And, if you work really hard, you can achieve anything you want. Right? No. Wrong. Most

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The Definitive Drucker: Discover His Distilled Business Wisdom

Timeless. That’s the best word to describe the wisdom of Peter Drucker (1909-2005), widely considered the father of modern management. Born in Vienna, he chose the United States over Europe in 1937, because he believed that’s where the course of

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