About Us

About UsBy creating conversations with your customers we build your brand and your bottom-line.

We bring more than 25 years of successful business experience to our content marketing strategist role.

We are:

  • Driven to build great brands that serve client marketing needs
  • Skilled at developing content that drives both readership, leads, and sales
  • Adept at making dramatic market-driven changes in turnaround situations
  • Able to move teams in new, unexplored directions
  • Effective in high level sales and marketing conversations with senior executives in client organizations of all sizes
  • Results-driven sales trainers and motivators
  • Customer-centric presenters who can energize business owners and executives

We are comfortable with both the content and the sales side of publishing. We know that delivering compelling information that is precisely targeted to buyer needs is the most important publishing and presentation success factor.

We now apply these same skills on behalf of the new breed of marketers who seek to connect with their current and future buyers.

The bottomline: More leads, customers, sales, and profits.

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