How a Gardening Company Newsjacked a Blizzard

Meadows Farms snow newsletter

Making Your Customers Grow In Spite of the Snow

Very few customers of Meadows Farms are giving a moments thought to spring planting as the Washington DC area faces a huge snowstorm. so rather than fight the obvious, the folks at Meadows Farms used to their newsletter to offer sound advice about dealing with the blizzard.

Not only did the relevant and compelling newsletter content address  weather challenges that were critical to its customers.  Their very practical advice demonstrated that Meadows Farms really cared about their well-being  and that of their landscapes and gardens.

We can be darned sure that for most of its prospects, Meadows Farms will be the first—and perhaps the only–gardening shop  they visit when the snow melts, the grass starts growing, and the daffodils begin to adorn yards all over the DC area.

A tip of the hat to Rohit Bhargava for his Facebook mention of the newsletter.

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