5 Ideas for New Business Blog Topics for a New Year

Written by Patsi Krakoff.

Let’s face it – Business blogging can get repetitive. It seems as if there are only so many blog topics out there for your readers, and you’ve exhausted them all.

We know the key to a successful business blog is fresh content, which brings more reader who might be potential new clients.

But what exactly does “fresh” content entail? New topics or a different perspective on a problem, or an innovative tip – these are all good. Swapping guest blog posts with another business also infuses new life into a blog. Sometimes hiring a new writer can help bring new ideas, views, and topics to a blog.

Covering new topics is one of the best ways to get new readership as well as appeal to your current audience.

Here are some ideas for new blog content for the New Year:

  1. Guest bloggers – having a guest blogger can breathe new life into your blog. Guest bloggers offer a fresh perspective and new topics. Consider asking a guest blogger to contribute a whole series of posts rather than just one.
  2. Cover current events – instead of just focusing on what is going on with your business specifically, scour the web for business news articles that are related to your area of expertise. You can put a personal spin on the story as well as offer tips or advice that are related.
  3. Make your own news – consider covering events related to your industry by going to them in person. Not only will you learn things for yourself, it’s a great way to create content and buzz about your industry.
  4. Go multi-media – a blog doesn’t have to be just a block of words on a web page. Consider adding specialized images or video content to your posts. As a blog writer and business owner, appearing on camera can make you appear more personable to your readers.
  5. Tell your company story – this could even work as a series for your blog. Tell the story of how your company came to be. You can go so many different ways with this one. You can start right when you started the business, or go as far back as how when you were a kid you dreamed of being (fill in the blank). A series will keep your readers coming back to see the next installment.

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