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Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata Applications Interviews Newt Barrett on Keeping Content Marketing Real

Lisa wanted to know how you can be sure that your content marketing strategy is authentic. I believe it’s not difficult if you stick to several core principals and think of content marketing just as journalists have thought of news and features for 100s of years. Understand your readers and address their most important concerns in a compelling way.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article:

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“We need some authenticity in the world!” Donny Deutsch declared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few weeks ago. “We are losing authenticity everywhere in society,” he said, citing recent fiascos involving Beyonce’s performance at the inaugurationLance Armstrong and Manti Te’o. Is Donny right? And if so, why are brands so caught up in this struggle? Is “faking it” easier –or more difficult –than ever before?

For insight, I turned to Newt Barrett, who’s at the forefront of content marketing and co-author of Get Content, Get Customers, which urges marketers to adopt a brand new marketing mindset. Content marketing is a hot topic among CMOs, and I see it as one of the primary factors that can make –or break –brand authenticity in today’s marketplace.

LA: Tell me about the “new marketing mindset” you describe in your book. How have the rules changed? What role does authenticity play?

NB: The new marketing mindset is simple. It means to think like a publisher. Simply put:

  • Define an ideal set of customers.
  • Determine exactly what is most important for them to know.
  • Deliver that information in a relevant and compelling way.
  • Engender a level of trust that makes it easy for them to buy from you.

That’s the essence of content marketing.

Under the old rules, marketers created outbound messages about products and services. But, to reach their customers, they depended upon third-party media companies that stood between the marketer and the customer.

Under the new rules, marketers can go directly to their customers using inexpensive but powerful technologies that displace traditional media. However, they must still use time-tested reporting and writing skills that made trade and consumer publications must reading for prospective buyers.

Authenticity is essential. In the 2013 Super Bowl, Budweiser brilliantly remembered this marketing truth while Volkswagen sadly forgot. The Clydesdale colt’s reunion with his trainer made both tenderhearted moms and tough old Marines misty-eyed. At the phony end of the scale, the white business guy with the awful Jamaican accent gave new meaning to inauthentic for the VW bug.

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