5 Keys to Connecting with Your Customers on Facebook

It’s a lot easier than you might imagine.

Guest Post by  Craig Robinson, Editor-in-chief at Qwaya.com. 

As you enter the world of Facebook social marketing, you may worry that it will both complex and challenging. That concern deepens when you have to wade through marketing jargon terms like interface. The marketing reality is much simpler as soon as you translate gobbledygook words into meaningful ones. Interfacing is just jargon that means you need to engage with your customers.

Most marketers understand the need to engage with their customers.  The hard part is actually doing it well. How can you best engage customers effectively when you face so much Facebook competition?  Here are 5 keys to get you started.

Five Keys to Engaging with Your Customers on Facebook

#1: Provide a Solid Reason to Go to Your Fan Page

Why would anyone visit your page? Well, they won’t visit without a very good reason. So, make them an enticing offer and welcome them when they arrive. Design your pages for fans. Save all the selling for your main website. For example, author, Susan Mallery, actively engages with her 25,000+  Facebook fans on a nicely designed page that invites interaction.

#2: Converse with your customers

Engage people in conversation by providing exciting content, by asking for your customers’ opinion, by genuinely seeking their input out the direction of your business, etc. Make your customers feel as if they’re part of your business.

You don’t have to launch a new online business to accomplish this. Take American Express, for instance – a company that was here long before Facebook and Twitter. Through their Facebook page fans can find special offers, see what the people at Amex are doing and, perhaps most importantly, get support right away.  Their page has over 2.5 million fans and studies have shown that consumers who have used social media for service wield the greatest amount of influence.

#3: Make it Easy for Them to Connect

How easily can your customers engage with you? If they have to go through a slew of steps, wait in line, etc, you shouldn’t expect customers to be too excited about engaging. It must be easy to find your page and to participate in your latest promotions.

Do ask fans for their opinions, but respond promptly to all opinions—good and bad. A good rule is to always have the last comment in a thread.

#4: Promote Your Page within the Facebook Context

The context of your page is incredibly important. Your page should resemble an individual Facebook user’s timeline page, enhancing it with social materials such as unique photos, cool videos, a contest, a countdown clock for a new update, different apps, etc.

Although your page is an actual Facebook page, you can still use it to promote your business actively. The movie, Hangover, does this brilliantly. On Hangover’s Facebook page, the characters become a part of your social circle. As you observe them while they’re up to during the making of the films, they ask you questions and solicit your opinions. Their 19+ million enthusiastic fans illustrate the power of this marketing approach.

#5: Make It Worth Their While to Connect

Users will be far more likely to engage with you if there’s something in it for them. Offering a free trial, a free eBook, a prize drawing, or something that directly benefits them in exchange for little or no action shows your appreciation.  And, it can be the start of a great customer relationship.

Summing up: Engage actively and positively with your customers. That initial engagement will often lead to rabid fans and long-term customers.

Author: Craig Robinson, Editor-in-chief at Qwaya.com – a Facebook campaign tool. With their Facebook Ad manager you can create, manage and follow up on all your Ads on Facebook. Besides writing about marketing on Facebook, Craig also writes about social context and customer engagement online.

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