Facebook Secret for Small Business Success: Make it Fun for Your Fans

A Content Marketing Lesson from First Class Plumbing.

We have lots of successful local businesses here in Naples, Florida. We even have quite a few successful plumbing companies.

But, I can think of only one with a wonderfully wacky sense of humor that manifests itself on on Facebook. That makes for truly engaging content marketing.

First Class Plumbing, owned and operated by Trish and Eric Borges, has a terrific reputation for doing great work. They built their business from scratch with Eric handing out business cards door-to-door back in 1998. Initially, First Class Plumbing was just the two of them running the business out of their home. Today, they have 15 employees, which is a pretty good size company for Naples, Florida.

But what sets them apart from their competition is their lighthearted approach to social media marketing. Their fun Facebook strategy typifies their unique approach to business.

On Facebook, they engage frequently in toilet humor–but clean toilet humor. On their Facebook page, you’ll find goofy pictures of strange toilets, unusual bathrooms and unusual people or critters relating to those toilets. It’s always good for a laugh. Best of all, it’s a terrific way to keep their customers and prospects engaged with the company–even when they don’t need plumbing services. They do lots of other Facebook content, but it’s their sense of humor that sets them apart.


One of the real marketing challenges for a plumbing company—or an AC or electrical company–is that we normally think of them only when we’re desperate for help. Unless a particular company is top of mind when we need help, we’re likely to contact whoever shows up on Google.

First Class Plumbing does stay top of mind among its 4,679 Facebook friends with frequent and amusing posts. That means we’re pretty darned likely to call them when he have a plumbing problem.

Got a problem? Who ya gonna call? Call First Class Plumbing!

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