How Even Your Small Company Can Newsjack the Olympics

Anna Coiman NY Sports videoThe 2012 Olympic Games offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to put your company in the news spotlight.

Newsjacking is a term invented by David Meerman Scott. It means finding a way to insert your organization into a big news story. When you do that, you and your organization are as much a hot and happening story as the primary news event. Newsjacking is a real-time content marketing tactic that generates outsized results.

Because the August 2012  London Olympics are the biggest news story on the planet, effective newsjacking will make you a big deal, too.

You might think that only big companies would find a way to horn in on this quadrennial extravaganza. Not so!

A perfect newsjacking example  is the newly invented Olympics exercise program created by the New York Sports Club. Their brilliant newsjacking struck me this morning on Fox. whose attractive and athletic correspondent, Anna Kooiman, actually went to one of their Manhattan clubs to demonstrate some of the Olympic exercises. The New York Sports Club got a good 5 minutes of fun exposure that buried dozens of their Big Apple competitors.

I’m sure they hired a PR firm to put them in front of the large Fox viewing audience.  That may be vital in NYC, but probably not in your town.

For example, in our relatively small Southwest Florida market, your sports club could easily create the very same program and pitch one of our local stations directly. Our TV stations are hungry for fun, visual, engaging, and timely stories to fill the many hours of local news.

As the owner of a Naples Florida sports club, this single newsjacking effort would have put you miles ahead of your way too many competitors.  You become the fun place to go. The place with the unique exercise programs. The place that everyone is talking about.

Newsjacking is a marvelous technique that, like so many content marketing components, requires lots of creativity but little or no cash.

Grab a look at this video that illustrates the power of  newsjacking. I think you’ll be inspirted to invent some newsjacking stories of your own. If you move fast, you can go after an Olympic Gold in the individual newsjacking event.


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    Wow – this is a great example!

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    Thanks, David.