How to Attract an Audience by Integrating Content, Social, and Search | Copyblogger

Written by Robert Bruce.

Google’s been pissing people off lately. Panda, Penguin, Parakeet (okay, I made that last one up), who knows what’s next …

Then there are the social networking evangelists whose entire fortunes are deep in Zuckerberg’s asset.
And finally, the faithful content producers, who labor slowly and quietly to build their businesses one thousand words at a time.
It can all seem a bit much to keep up with. SEO isn’t bad. Social networking sites aren’t evil. Content marketing isn’t impossible. But it can feel like it sometimes.
To clear some of this confusion and frustration up for us, I’ve asked Lee Odden to jump on the show and tell us how the smart, systematic integration of search, social, and content can attract an audience … and keep businesses — both large and small — sanely profitable.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The 3 phases of a holistic customer attraction plan
  • What the changes in search algorithms really mean for online publishers
  • How to intelligently plan a content strategy that works
  • Why it’s now essential that you become a “holistic” content producer
  • 5 content optimization audits you need to perform
  • 3 steps to implementing your systematic content plan
  • How to scale your content efforts on a limited budget

Listen to what Lee has to say about integrating content, social, and search on

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