Give Your Customers Uplifting Content to Kick Off Each Monday

Lynda McNutt Foster Delivers with Her Weekly Launch List


Lynda  overflows with brains, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun.

So, I wasn’t surprised to find her new weekly newsletter unique in its approach to its recipients. The ‘Launch List’ is a quick read that delivers much-needed Monday morning inspiration. Although it reflects Linda’s positive personality, it’s not all about her. It’s all about her customers, colleagues, and friends.

For example,  the headline of her April 30 newsletter was Will you make time for the people part of profits this week?  The content focused on improving high-level relationships and began:

A high level connection is one that empowers you and the other person.  Fast is slow with people and slow is fast in building empowering relationships. (Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).  Are you trying to be too efficient with people? Try some of these techniques this week to build stronger connections with the people that matter most and who will help you reap profits professionally and personally.

Lynda  then offered quick tips for optimizing relations with your team, your clients, your family, and yourself.  She also included a cool link to a TED talk  by Sherry Turkle that deals with how we make connections through technology.

Each of her newsletters is a quick read.  But, I’ve found that she often forces me to think about things that I could and should be doing better. That then leads me and, I’m sure, dozens and dozens of her readers back to  one of the things that Lynda does for a living.  She teaches leadership and business skills.  In the April 30 newsletter, she does mention a workshop that she’s doing with the appropriate link. But, that comes naturally and at the end of all the great content. Moreover, in many of her newsletters, there is absolutely no self promotion whatsoever.

 6 Lessons We Can Learn from Lynda’s  Launch List

  1.  Make sure that your communications with your customers and prospects are all about them–and not all about you.
  2.  Develop content that that is so engaging and enjoyable that it becomes must reading whenever it arrives.
  3.  Find a way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills–in Lynda’s  case it tends to be about leadership–through the quality of the content that you are delivering.
  4.  Don’t be afraid to include meaningful links to other thought-provoking content that reinforces what you yourself are providing.
  5.  Make your content easy and fun to read. Lynda writes in short paragraphs with colorful highlights that emphasize important points and just the right amount of graphic images that support her topic.
  6.  Let your content reflect your personality. The Launch List certainly reflects Lynda’s  and makes it obvious that she is the kind of person we would surely want to do business with.

I was impressed with Lynda before her new newsletter began to arrive.  Now, I’m blown away and newly inspired to improve my own communications.

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