How Our ‘Newsjacking’ Oscars Article Got Readership, Reaction, and Results

We Got Coverage and Kudos from David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan, and All Top

Yesterday, we discussed how Sasha Baron: successfully newsjacked the Oscars with his successful Red Carpet stunt. Posing as the Dictator, he spilled the alleged ashes of the late North Korean dictator Kim ill Jung on  Ryan Seacrest.   Although we loved the stunt for its own sake, we also hoped that we might pull off a bit of newsjacking ourselves. And, it worked, albeit on a more modest scale.

Because it was a hot Hollywood story, the Red Carpet stunt got all kinds of attention on TV, online, and in print–with lots of YouTube coverage.   So, I decided to see if we could inject ourselves however modestly into that same story.

Grab a hot story that conveys a key concept to maximize  the reach of your important message

If I had been writing a basic, just the facts, ma’am, story that described what newsjacking was and why it might be useful for public relations and marketing professionals,  I doubt that much would’ve happened. Regular readers of our blog would have benefited. But, I probably would not have generated much attention or additional readership.

Because I was able to inject a real-time element  into our story that incorporated both a hot concept–news jacking–as well as a hot event–the Oscars, we achieved a level of visibility that would’ve been otherwise impossible. 

Interestingly, one commenter on our article hated our newsjacking example because he found the Red Carpet monkey business in appallingly bad taste. He was right about the bad taste, but he was all wrong about the powerful impact that Sasha Baron Cohen achieved.  With minimal investment in dollars and maximum chutzpah, he almost certainly got more value on behalf of his new movie, The Dictator, then he would have by spending $3 million on a 30 second Super Bowl ad. 

 We sure didn’t get $3M of value but here’s what did happen:

  • David Meerman Scott tweeted about our article to his 65,000 twitter followers and got 7 retweets
  • Chris Brogan commented on our post to his 87,000 Google+ folloowing: “Great use of +David Meerman Scott ‘s Newsjacking principle” and got numerous plus ones and comments
  • If you search Google News for ‘newsjacking’ as of now(6:16pm, 2/28),  our story is at the very top.
  • We wound up at the top of  All Top’s content marketing category. That doesn’t happen very often.

I guess this may sound a bit like bragging. But, I’m always delighted when something we try does work like gangbusters. And, I’m happy to prove once again that David Meerman Scott really knows what he’s talking about.

We  earlier newsjacked Amy Adams, too–but nicely

If you’d like to read a story that’s a little bit sweeter as an example of newsjacking, we wrote about content marketing, Amy Adams, and The Muppet Movie. Our goal was to take those newsworthy elements and tie them directly to content marketing.   Happily, once again, we achieved excellent readership by integrating current news with our timeless subject of content marketing. Although I’m not sure how many people would search for both Amy Adams and content marketing at the same time, those intrepid souls who conduct that search will find our story at the very top of Google search results.

Check out the story: How Content Marketing Convinced Amy Adams to Join The Muppets Movie





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