How to Use Your Voice Mail to Turn Your Website into a 24/7 Answering Service

Great Content Marketing Advice from the Original Guerilla Marketer

I get lots of useless emails from allegedly savvy marketers. But, much more often than not I can count on Jay Conrad Levinson for succinct, actionable, affordable advice.

Here’s the latest gem from his Guerilla Marketing email:

Let your clients on hold learn how to connect to your Web site for pertinent information. Encourage the people who answer your phones to give your Web address to every caller who identifies himself or herself as an Internet user. Think of your Website as 24-hour answering service. Assure your callers that they can always phone your store or office for information, but let them know they now have a Web alternative as well, open 24 hours every day.

You’ll find lots of great stuff on his site:

Thanks, Jay.

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