Taking Advantage of Digital Marketing Trends 2012 and Beyond

Just When You Hoped Things Might Slow Down, They Speed Up

The smart folks at CMO.com understand the need to make these rapidly changing trends understandable and actionable.

What words come to mind when thinking about the digital marketing landscape? Complicated? A deep morass? Or a land of opportunity?

No doubt, digital marketing has experienced a huge uptick in the number of channels and devices at its disposal, further underscoring the need for marketers to determine the best allocation of their budgets. Shifting priorities and increased competition have not made life any easier.

As I see it the biggest shift is to mobile devices, particulary the iPad.  The iPad is quickly becoming both pervasive and practical for daily business use. That means that content marketers have to change the way they deliver content to our customers. Content must be mobile friendly–and increasingly interactive and actionable.


Here’s the entire Digital Marketing Trends Infographic:

You can read more great stuff and download the full size Infograhic at: CMO.com

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