Ho, Ho, Horrible: Worst Holiday eMail Campaign Ever?

evil SantaI don’t have to say too much, because this terrible email campaign is eloquently awful and speaks for itself.

After reading the entire email, it’s easy to see where they go terribly wrong:

  • I don’t know the sender and won’t likely trust BIG promises from a stranger: Stranger Danger!
  • header is generic and tells me nothing—why would I open?
  • they refer to an ‘amazing and an excellent opportunity’.  What the heck is it?
  • 4 days only!! Wow, that spurs me to action
  • unnamed product that costs $100s.
  • they expect me to click through to to a strange site for an expensive mystery product. I don’t think so.

I did change their name in the email copy below—to protect the guilty.

Read it and weep:


eMail Header: “You’re going to love this!”

Hi Newt,
This is simply amazing and an excellent opportunity for you.
With the start of Holiday Season, we are ready to roll out the
Happy Holiday – AjaxPress Christmas event.
For 4 days (from 19th Dec till 22nd dec Midnight EST), you can
snatch 3 of our best selling products [worth $291.00 & $131] at
70% OFF.
Here’s where you can grab the offer:
hotlink to their deal page here.
We’re holding this Kick-Off Christmas sale as a way to say HAPPY
HOLIDAY to you.
Here’s the most exciting part – if you had to buy these products
individually you’d expect to pay a minimum $291.00 or $131.00 –
but in this spirit of holiday season you can grab all 3 products
(bundled) and get instant access for less than $88 or $40,
one-time investment…
As all of our 3 products are our primary products, we won’t be
bundling it EVER again like this (maybe next Christmas, but we
can’t promise that). What we can promise you RIGHT now is, this
is one of the best deal we’ve ever offered at this measly price.
After the end of this AjaxPress Christmas event, all products
will go back to their normal prices.
So, Don’t let this great deal skip away.
Hotlink to their deal page here.

And oh, suggest it to your friends too (they gonna love it).
Stay tuned for our next email to find out which products we have
bundled. 😉

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