How Content Marketing Convinced Amy Adams to Join The Muppets Movie

A Compelling  and Affordable Video Did the Trick

Amy Adams at Muppet Movie premiereNormally in Hollywood, when you’re trying to get someone to join the cast of a picture, it involves actors and their agents, directors, studios, sending scripts back and forth, and lots of other rigmarole.

When you’re trying to attract a big star like Amy Adams, at best, this process is inefficient. At worst, it is completely ineffective.

The producer of the new Muppets movie, Jason Segel, decided to use content marketing to appeal to Amy Adams, who had lately been appearing in pretty serious dramas such as, The Fighter. Although he probably had no idea that his approach involved content marketing, his perfectly targeted video illustrates all the best of what content marketing can be—and can accomplish.

Jason, assisted by Kermit the Frog, begins with a sweet little song that was addressed to only one person: Amy Adams. They continue with a heartfelt appeal, telling her how much they love her and how much she would love being in the movie. Clearly, Jason understood the need to customize content for his target audience. The video is not an expensive production.  In fact, it consists of Jason and Kermit sitting, singing, and talking.

Obviously, this affordable content marketing video worked. Even in a world of multimillion dollar salaries for actors and movies with hundred million dollar budgets, this charming little video won over Amy Adams.

If it works for her, it can certainly work for you and your customers. Create a custom video that demonstrates how well you understand your customers and their needs. You will find it one of the most effective ways to break through layers of people and layers of resistance.

Watch the video below and start brainstorming what you can accomplish with your own video efforts:

I guess there might have been a lot more than this video that persuaded Amy to join the film. But, the video itself makes for a wonderful story about the magical Muppets movie.

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