Sunnyside Up Mobile Marketing Works for First Watch Cafe

Sure They’re on the Web, But They’re Also Out and About on the Streets of Naples, Florida

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up behind this small van on a Naples street.

First Watch van with website and eggs4 license

I started to get hungry just looking at the back of the van. This is mobile marketing that quite literally whets my appetite.

First Watch is a small chain of daytime cafes with numerous outlets in the Naples/Fort Myers area and in many other parts of the country. They are famous for great breakfasts and friendly servers. It’s a pleasure to tuck into one of their omelets or other creative egg dishes.

I think they get 3 things just right on the back of this van:

  1. Their tagline in bright green letters fully captures the spirit of First Watch—it’s all about fresh food and mostly about big bountiful breakfasts.
  2. Their web address, is long, but memorable. Even better, it’s eminently sharable.
  3. Their license plate, EGGS4, completes the message and reinforces their devotion to eggs.

I’m pretty sure that an awful lot of Naples drivers wound up going online to and then pretty quickly header over to their nearest First Watch for a sumptuous breakfast.

Mobile marketing works even when its mostly on wheels.

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  1. Posted November 16, 2011 at 8:04 am | Permalink

    Love it! I always cringe when I see mobile ads featuring impossible-to-remember URLs. First Watch definitely got it right with this one!