Shocking! Great Facebook Marketing from Naples, Florida Electrician

grace electric example of customer dangerous fixSolopreneur Firm Understands How to Engage, Educate, and Entertain

There are dozens of electrical firms in Southwest Florida. Many of them have lots of employees. But, one of those firms stands out on Facebook: Martin McMurtrie’s Grace Electric with 601 Facebook friends.

Making Vivid Visual Points to Engage Facebook Fans

This photograph from his Facebook page shows the kind of scary electrical fixes customers often attempt , sometimes with disastrous results. It typifies the kind of engaging content he provides regularly and that has enabled him to accumulate those hundreds of Facebook friends.

By contrast, the only local competitors I could find on Facebook provided very little useful information and managed to accumulate fewer than 10 Facebook friends.

For example, one well-known national franchise with numerous Florida locations manages a Facebook page for its Southwest Florida franchisee. But, it has only 9 fans. And, the only content on its Wall is spam from a provider of Acai berry services. 

Grace Electric: Lots of Real Content from a Real Person

Martin proves that you don’t need an MBA from Harvard to create an effective presence on Facebook. What comes through on the Grace Electric Facebook page is Martin’s natural friendliness and sense of humor, as well as his obvious knowledge of his profession.

His Facebook posts vary from helpful advice (often shared with great good humor), reminders of the need to fix electrical problems before disaster strikes, special offers, mentions of worthwhile local charities, and sometimes just goofy stuff. Amazingly, he manages to post something almost every day. For a busy Solopreneur, that’s pretty darned impressive.

Below he uses a pretty scary photograph of a customer’s improvised, but dangerous, electrical fix to point out how risky it can be to do electrical work yourself.

grace electric Facebook page

If you are intrigued and engaged by his Facebook Wall, you’re likely to take a look at his info page. There you will find a nice, personalized description of himself and his company and the services that they offer.

My name is Martin McMurtrie and I own Grace Electric, Inc. in sunny Naples, FL.
I am originally from Syracuse, NY and I proudly served in the US Marine Corps.
I have been an electrician in Naples for over 20 years and I am fully licensed as a Master Electrician. I specialize in helping homeowners with everything from ceiling fan installation to landscape lighting to troubleshooting. I work mainly in the Greater Naples/South Lee County area.
I pride myself on being on time, every time and I never charge extra for evenings and weekends. To reach me, call (239) 248-0000…I look forward to hearing from you!

Martin sure sounds like somebody I would trust doing electrical work in our home.  And, I suspect that the same is true for hundreds of his Facebook friends. Take a look at what’s he’s up to on Facebook.

Who says that great electricians can’t be great marketers, too?

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