Focus. Focus. Focus: To Pop to the Top on Google

focus magnifying glassPair of Seattle Personal Injury Law Firms Prove the Content Marketing Point

Marketing on the web is just like the old saw from the real estate world: "It’s all about location, location location."

On the web, there are two important meanings when it comes to the word "location."  They both relate to the importance of marketing focus.

First and foremost, a fabulous location is being at the top of Google search results. There is only one way to make that happen–by creating a niche for your business that precisely targets the information needs of your best customers.

Enter the second meaning of "location." Physical location is still important in strengthening your niche. Why? Because, by emphasizing your location, your site is much more likely to do well versus national or global competitors. This can give you a significant competitive advantage.

When you get both of these location elements just right, your website pops to the top. That’s the benefit of relentless focus.

This fact rears its marketing head in the world of law firms–and especially in the realm of personal injury attorneys.

Niche Marketing at Work: Personal Injury Attorneys in Seattle

Smart personal injury attorneys are also great marketers. We know this from their ever present and effective television commercials. Many also do a brilliant online marketing job. In Seattle, Rob Kornfeld of Kornfeld, Trudell, Bowen and LIngenbrink has created a niche website, This site has a laser focus on personal injury law in the Seattle area.

To understand the danger of lack of focus, I compared Rob Kornfeld’s site to that of another Seattle law firm with a broad set of practice areas, one of which is personal injury. We will call them ABC Law to protect them from my content marketing critique. They are buried so deep in Google results that few clients are likely to find them when they are looking for personal injury attorneys–or any kind of attorney, for that matter.

Here’s why does so well in search results on Google and ABC Law does so poorly:– High Up on the First Page of Google Search for Personal Injury Keywords

  • Rob Kornfeld’s site focuses 100% on personal injury. Everything from the header to the copy and the images reinforce that focus.
  • His bullet point list of practice areas are all specific types of personal injuries
  • His homepage integrates the keyword, personal injury, eight times in text and several more times in images.
  • His copy includes additional references to specific instances of personal injuries for which clients will be seeking redress.
  • His WordPress website integrates a blog that includes up-to-date mentions of the keyword, personal injury.
  • His footer integrates mentions of both personal injury and location specific links.
  • He uses video effectively explain exactly how his firm can help personal injury clients to achieve positive results.

ABC Law–by Trying to Be Everything They Are Found Nowhere

  • their homepage describes their practice only in the broadest terms.
  • They minimize the search engine value of their Seattle location by referring to other states near and far were they are able to do legal work. This may be a good selling point but it reduces their findability significantly. In fact, Seattle gets only three mentions on their homepage.
  • Their bullet point list of practice areas is very diverse.
  • Neither personal injury nor any other important practice related keyword gets more than a single mention on their homepage.
  • Their personal injury landing page says that personal injury is a "major part" of their practice. But, there isn’t enough content on that page to attract either clients or search engines on the hunt for personal injury solutions.
  • Their best ranking for any practice related search term is number 25–and that’s for topic that gets almost no searches in the Seattle area

Focus. Focus. Focus: That’s the Way the Top of Google Search Results

"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" That’s the question from a very old joke to which the answer is, "Practice. Practice. Practice"  that same level of intensity in terms of focus is essential to generating great Google search results.

In traditional marketing, it has always been important to define a niche that is important to an ideal set of customers. In the new world of content marketing online, focus is vital. That’s true both in terms of defining a niche and making sure that your website reflects that niche. Moreover, as a local business, you have an even better chance of doing well when your customers are looking for the solutions that only you can provide in your geographical area.

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  1. Posted November 5, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    Great post.

    Another word I might suggest that illustrates this point from the user perspective is relevancy.

    In order to be the most relevant to a specific audience, companies need to focus, as you say, on their specific need.

    Most companies have a hard time understanding this element of user behavior online.

  2. Posted November 9, 2010 at 7:47 am | Permalink

    It’s all about positioning your brand well, in the right places, and utilizing the right tools, keywords etc. to get yourself noticed by they types of clients you need to attract. It’s the right mix of all aspects.